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Your sobriety journey doesn’t end when you leave rehab. Sobriety is an ongoing battle that addicts in recovery will need to be aware of in all things that they do. It can be challenging to maintain a commitment to a life that is free from drugs and alcohol. Sober living homes in New Hampshire can offer you the ability to better focus on your sobriety, so that you can better face the triggers that risk your sobriety.         

What services are offered in Halfway Houses in New Hampshire

Services offered in halfway houses and sober living places in New Hampshire can vary. Each type of transitional housing facility will offer a safe and stable sober community, to offer the addict in recovery the right type of support.

Other services you may see offered at sober houses or halfway houses in New Hampshire could include the following.

  • Comfortable accommodation, which may be private depending on the type of facility
  • Individual therapy, and family counseling if needed
  • Group meetings, including 12-step recovery program meetings
  • Drug and alcohol testing facilities
  • Meal services, or access to a kitchen
  • Physical fitness facilities, including gyms and swimming pools
  • Alternative therapies, like yoga and art

Will New Hampshire Halfway Houses prevent relapses?

You may wonder if it’s worth going to a halfway house or sober living home in New Hampshire. After all, there are many recovering addicts who transition from rehab back home with little to no issue. The concern is that rehab may not have offered you sufficient time to work on what a life of sobriety may look and feel like. This can be potentially setting you up for a relapse if you are faced with some of those same triggers that initially led to the development of your substance abuse.

Time spent in a halfway house or another type of transitional housing option can afford you the time and space that you need to focus on independent sobriety. It may not be the magical cure-all to prevent relapse, but it can provide you with the time that you need to develop those key coping strategies.

Luxury Sober Living homes in New Hampshire

There are several levels of transitional housing and care, with each offering residents their own set of benefits and amenities. Luxury sober living homes in New Hampshire offer residents the comfort and luxurious touches that can help them to better adjust to independent sober living.

Some of the comforts of home that residents in luxury sober living housing may experience could include gourmet meals, prepared by an on-site chef. Workout facilities, including gyms and swimming pools offer residents the ability to focus on their physical wellness during their stay.

Yoga and meditation can also be offered, as can access to spirituality resources that may prove beneficial for the addict in recovery. Some luxury facilities offer hiking trails, and other outdoor activities that can refresh the mind.

Residents will be able to recover and focus on their sobriety surrounded by creature comforts of home. This can also include some of the best in high-end electronics so that residents can stay connected.

Your sobriety is important. Taking the extra time to develop your key coping skills can help you to stay the path of sobriety and keep relapse at bay.

Top 20 Halfway Houses in New Hampshire

Families In Transition/new Horizons Willows Transitional Living Program - Manchester, NH

Families In Transition/new Horizons Willows Transitional Living Program is a sober living home in Manchester, New Hampshire, 03104 zip code.

Address: 15 Brook Street, Manchester, NH 03104 in Hillsborough County

Services provided:

  • Health education services, individual counseling and hepatitis education, counseling and support
  • Mental health services, Transportation assistance and Social skills development
  • Transitional and sober living
  • Outpatient services, residential addiction treatment and regular outpatient treatment
  • Payment assistance
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Relapse prevention treatment, anger management and CBT
  • Co-occurring mental health / addiction treatment, people with trauma and adult men
  • Outreach to persons in the community
603-641-9441 x271

Greater Nashua Council On Alcoholism Keystone Hall - Nashua, NH

Greater Nashua Council On Alcoholism Keystone Hall is a halfway house in Nashua, NH, 03063 zip code.

Address: 615 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063 in Hillsborough County

Services provided:

  • Mentoring/Peer support, Self-help groups and Mental health services
  • HIV and AIDS education, counseling and support, substance use education and group counseling
  • Counseling for substance abuse, 12 step rehabilitation and relapse prevention
  • Residential detoxification, residential long term treatment and long term rehab
  • Adult men, adult women and transitional-age young adults
  • Interim services for clients
  • Accepts Medicare
  • Transitional housing
603-881-4848 x3129

Headrest Inc - Lebanon, NH

Headrest Inc is a sober living home in Lebanon, New Hampshire, 03766 zip code.

Address: 14 Church Street, Lebanon, NH 03766 in Grafton County

Services provided:

  • Counseling for trauma victims, anger management and relapse prevention treatment
  • Residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment program and regular outpatient treatment
  • Sober living
  • Interim services for clients
  • Self-help groups, Mentoring/Peer support and Case management
  • HIV and AIDS education, counseling and support, health education services and substance use education
  • Accepts Federal, or any government funding for substance use programs
  • Transitional-age young adults, adult women and adult men
  • Payment assistance
603-448-4872 x101

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