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Medications that are used to combat heath issues are accompanied by a host of side effects. When these drugs are used in combination with others, there can be interactions that are anywhere from mild to lethal. The same is true of illicit drug use, or polysubstance use. Taking more than one drug can lead to the need for polysubstance abuse treatment if the usage is not kept under control. Polysubstance abusers are looking for the synergistic effect, which occurs when the combination of drugs is greater than each drug when used separately. One drug can also lessen the effect of another. It is best when someone who uses more than one drug together to research and at least understand what the result may be; however, that is not often done. Most addicts simply experiment to determine what they like best. Those who find that they need a polysubstance abuse treatment program can rely on the compassionate staff to help them take the reins of their life back.

What are the risks of polysubstance abuse?

Individuals who misuse drugs generally have access to a wide selection of substances. Even if they started using marijuana, they may eventually get curious and try LSD or cocaine that their dealer offers them. The reason behind using more than one drug at a time is usually different than those who rely on only one. When using one, they are after those specific effects, like sedation from a benzo or Adderall to feel more energetic.

Someone who uses more than one drug at a time is after a synergistic effect. This means that each combination of substances comes with its own set of effects. Someone who does not know that the marijuana brownie they took at the end of their acid trip may transition into a bad trip if they took their regular dose. Weed intensifies the effects of acid. It can be devastating and cause their anxiety and paranoia to overwhelm their other senses, alternating between being hyperaware of every rush of blood and muscle movement to wondering what would happen if they jumped out the window. They tend to have to rationality. Increased toxicity is only one of the side effects. Other dangers exist when using two or more drugs together?

What stages occur in polysubstance abuse treatment?

When someone combines drugs and does so on a regular basis, they are not necessarily addicted to the feelings that they get from a specific drug, they are technically addicted to simply finding a unique euphoric feeling. They may do various drugs at the same type, or they may switch up what they take and when.

Some people are simply addicted to finding the high that drugs and alcohol provide. This can be witnessed in someone avoiding the emotions behind their circumstances in any way possible, like a college student being numb from cocaine just to get through each week. Polysubstance addicts are also looking for a good combination. They are chasing the distinctive high that they find in the mixtures they create. The steps to take when someone decides to go or is forced into polysubstance abuse treatment include:

What are the most effective therapies to treat polysubstance abuse?

Polysubstance abuse is one of the harder addictions to treat since the addict never wants to stop seeking the high. They are typically one of the 60% who do not willingly go into rehab. While combining drugs is not uncommon, resolving the situation is unique and even more unpredictable than when treating someone who is addicted to one type of drug. The goals of any program include:

Therapies are best used in combination since each one offers a different benefit. This is also an effective way to see to which one the patient best responds. Options include:

How do I choose a polysubstance abuse treatment program?

A crucial component to succeeding in your goals to become and stay sober is to choose a program that will best complement your personality. While the facility is collecting your medical history and personal information during the initial assessment, this is your chance to ask them questions to determine if you will be comfortable if you choose this program. So, what questions should you ask?

How do I pay for a polysubstance abuse treatment program?

When someone does not have enough money coming in, it can be extremely anxiety-inducing. It can even lead to them using drugs to forget about their issues. This only puts them more in debt, but they learn to suppress the guilt and shame with more drugs. When an addict or a loved one decides that it is time to get help, they can rely on the expertise of a polysubstance abuse treatment center to help them deal with the unique recovery of using more than one drug at a time. They may not want to put more financial pressure on their family; however, there are options when they are worried about the cost of rehab. Money should never prohibit someone from finding the help that they need. Options include:

All you want to do is get through the workday so you can go home and make a fancy drink and smoke a joint. You have tried consuming them separately, but it just does not create the same effect. Friends come in from out of town and bring their stash of coke. You wonder where this combination has been your whole life! You increasingly use this combination. You feel like you even need it to get through the workday. Months go by. You have lost your job, your partner, and have pushed your friends away. When you wake up in a strange place, you realize that you need polysubstance abuse treatment. It is time to get your life back. You think of your ex-girlfriend and hope that she has not moved on and can forgive you. You admit yourself to a program so that you can get back on your feet and reestablish the happiness that you once felt before the drugs took over your life.