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Perhaps it started simply when you wanted to keep up with schoolwork and took a stimulant, like Adderall. Maybe you began smoking marijuana as a way to relax and get away from the pressure of work for a few hours on the weekends. You justify it with the fact that it is used medicinally after all and legal in many states. How bad can it be? Whether you have decided to stop fooling yourself and recognize that you have a problem or you are reading this to determine if a 30-day rehab program for alcohol and drug addiction would help a loved one recover your mental health, we are going to examine the options that are available. Health insurance usually covers 30-day programs, and a place of employment is typically happy that you are taking steps to be a better person. What program you choose is vital, since it will help guide you on your way to achieving and maintaining your sobriety.

Why should I choose a 30-day drug and alcohol rehab program?

Only about half of the inhabitants of any given drug and alcohol rehab program are there because they chose to be. They were admitted due to an emergent situation, such as a recent overdose or by command of the court. Research has shown that the most success comes from those who immerse themselves in their rehab schedule and take advantage of all the services that they provide, becoming vulnerable enough to face the demons of their own recovery. Deciding to go to rehab is a difficult, and a 30-day rehab program for drug and alcohol is a great choice that does not require as much commitment as a long-term facility. They provide the person abusing drugs to abstain from drugs or alcohol and stay clean, while being able to extend their stay if necessary.

What is the process for a 30-day rehab program for drug and alcohol addiction?

Each drug and alcohol rehab program is scheduled and run a little differently with a variety of activities and amenities; however, they all follow a similar pattern and techniques.  The basic schedule entails the following.

What does a typical day look like in a drug and alcohol rehab treatment?

Again, each one’s details look a little differently, but there are similarities. They might resemble the following schedule.

What questions help me choose the best 30-day drug and alcohol rehab?

It is crucial to the success of seeking sobriety and making sure you stay sober to choose a 30-day rehab program for alcohol and drug addiction that follows your interests. It should also coincide with the way that you learn and adapt. The staff and the program will help determine the success of your future. The best program suited for you should remind you that you knew how to be happy before you began to lean on your drug of choice. While you are figuring out if the facility can help you, they are doing the same thing. Answering their questions as honestly as possible will result in the best treatment plan. Some questions you can ask to see if they can fulfill your needs include:

What types of treatment methods are used at a 30-day drug and alcohol rehab?

The best program will create a plan that uses a combination of psychotherapeutic methods and medication treatment. People have different stories with unique backgrounds and experiences, so they do not respond to the same processes. Evidence-based methods that have been proven over decades to be effective when used in conjunction with each other include:

How much does a 30-day rehab cost and how do I pay for it?

One of the biggest concerns for any addict or their family is the impact on their finances. Outpatient detox can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500, but most inpatient 30 day programs include it in the price. Inpatient rehab costs include food and housing, so they generally carry a higher price tag. You should expect to pay around $6,000 for 30-day programs, with renowned facilities asking up to $20,000. Those who want to continue on with a 90-day treatment if they just are not ready to cope without their drug of choice can expect to pay about $5,000 for 90 days of treatment and $10,000 for more well-known facilities. The price depends on the length and frequency of the visits. So, how can I afford it?

It may be overwhelming deciding exactly what type of drug and alcohol rehab program would best suit your lifestyle and your needs; however, asking questions can help find the one that is best for your situation. One of the beneficial parts of a 30-day rehab is that it is a flexible first step on a path of sobriety. People can continue on, if necessary, while those with mild addictions may even find that this was exactly what they needed to regain control of their life.

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