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Drug addiction is a problem that has been around for generations but is now being more widely talked about. With the issue no longer being viewed as a stigma, more addicts are able to seek the help they need without fear of negative social repercussions. There are several types of addiction treatment plans available to meet the needs of just about every type of addiction. One of the more effective drug addiction treatments is ninety-day rehab programs. If you or your loved one are looking for ways to break the cycle for good, 90-day drug rehab programs may be the answer. (company) is always here to support you when you need it the most. We explain more in detail below about 90-day drug rehab programs and how they may present an effective solution to addiction.

Are 90 Day Drug Rehab Programs Effective?

Three month-long drug rehab programs are one of the best ways of treating both moderate drug addictions and severe drug addictions. 90-day drug rehab programs offer intensive treatments that use a broad variety of medical and behavioral therapies that work for all types of substances and addictions. Research published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse states that drug programs that last at least three months have a higher chance of success than shorter programs. Longer treatments go a long way towards discouraging relapse.

What Are 90 Day Drug Rehab Programs?

Understanding the basics of a three-month program will help you to understand not only what to expect, but also if a 90-day drug rehab program is right for your situation. All addiction treatment programs follow the same general process, with small customizations depending on length, dependence, and the actual type of facility. Each person entering a drug rehab program will have a treatment plan created that is customized based on their needs as well as the severity and type of addiction they suffer from. Most 90-day drug rehab programs will offer a mix of behavioral therapy in addition to evidence-based treatment.

Programs Offered In 90 Day Drug Rehab Programs

Three-month long addiction treatment programs offer a range of medical and behavioral therapies. These are either provided as an inpatient service, or as an outpatient service. There are different benefits to each type, though both are offered in three-month stretches of time. Some specific therapies and treatments available in one or both treatment paths are:

Are 90-Day Rehab Programs Better Than Regular Drug Rehabs?

Comprehensive drug addiction treatment will only be as successful as the person who is committing to receiving help. That being said, intensive three month residential drug addiction rehab has been shown to be the most successful compared with other forms of treatment. The therapies provided in 90-day drug rehab treatment are no different than those offered in shorter programs, but the controlled environment is what differs. When a person in recovery is placed in a positive sober environment, it gives them the chance to recondition their mind and change their behavior to support living without their substance of choice.

Shorter drug rehab treatments concentrate more on detoxing and ridding a person of their most noticeable addiction symptoms. 90-day or longer drug rehab treatments cover drug detox but also take the time to encourage a total change in lifestyle. This includes stress management, behavioral therapy, changes in diet and nutrition and even starting a daily exercise routine. All of these are geared towards encouraging the person in recovery to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle that does not include their substance of choice.

Outpatient 90 Day Drug Rehab Programs

Outpatient 90-day drug rehabs are a bit different than their residential counterpart. Instead of 24 hours a day addiction treatment, intensive day treatment for drug addiction is provided. This offers those on the road to recovery much more flexibility with their schedule while maintaining the same therapy options found in residential addiction treatment programs. This type of addiction program is more suited to those who suffer from mild addictions, who are on a limited budget, or for those who must maintain a household or steady employment.

Patients suffering from severe addictions may find outpatient care more challenging. This is because unlike residential addiction treatment, there is no dedicated sober living environment. With outpatient drug addiction rehab, patients will attend meetings or therapy for several hours a day. The number of days a week a person in recovery will need to visit depends on their drug of choice and their level of addiction. Some patients may need only three days per week while others may need to visit every other day. 90-day drug addiction programs follow a set course, but they can be extended at the end of the term if addiction treatment is still needed.

Inpatient 90 Day Drug Rehab Programs

Though three-month-long addiction treatment rehab centers are available for those seeking outpatient care, most rehabs are inpatient residential treatment centers. The benefit of a 90-day program is that it is highly intensive, adding in the highly monitored sober environment makes inpatient residential treatment the optimal choice.

90-day drug rehab programs of this type offer those on the road to recovery a residential facility that is fully sober. In addition to being in a clean living location, intensive addiction treatment and rehabilitation is provided around the clock. The staff are all highly trained professionals and depending on the type of addictions treated, there may be medical staff on hand. Detox is performed in a controlled situation that allows doctors and staff to help reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Patients will also perform addiction rehabilitation, several types of addiction therapy, engage in both group and solo addiction therapy, among other things. Some locations may offer holistic solutions such as acupuncture or other alternative therapies as well. Upon completion of the program, the recovering addict will learn how to properly transition to a sober lifestyle. One advantage of intensive inpatient care is the prevention of future relapses by creating a tailored aftercare plan.

How Do I Choose The Right 90 Day Drug Rehab?

When considering a 90-day addiction rehab program there are many things to think about. You should start by thinking about what type of addiction you have, then you will need to realistically consider the severity of your addiction. Once you have those ideas pinned down, you can consider what type of treatment program would best fit your lifestyle, where you would like to take your treatment, and how much you are able to pay for addiction rehab.

Never let price be the main determination in what type of treatment program you choose. There are many ways to pay for 90-day drug rehab such as through your insurance or subsidized through state or community funding programs. Long term drug addiction treatment offers a firm foundation on which you can base your recovery. Choosing a program that fits your needs and can help you start on the path of lifelong sobriety will always be more affordable than maintaining an addiction.

What to Look For In A 90-day Drug Rehab Clinic

The choice to get help is the hardest part of addiction recovery, choosing a 90-day rehab facility is much easier in comparison. One of the most important things to look for in a facility that offers specialized treatment for your specific addiction. For example, if you have an addiction to opioids, it is important to find a location that offers medication supported treatment.

The next thing to look for is the quality and the experience levels of the staff at the facility. While one or two staff in training is normal, it is important that those working in the facility have several years of experience in managing patients who are battling addiction. Take a look at the recreational programs offers, alternative or holistic therapies provided if any, and also the quality of their room and board. The more comfortable the environment, the more likely a person is to stay and complete the program.

Payment is always a concern, but it should not be the driving factor in your choice of treatment. It is a good idea to review the payment options available at each location and also check to see if your insurance plan is accepted. Some 90-day drug rehab centers offer in house financing while others offer subsidies that are provided by the community or the state.

Do I Need To Visit A 90-day Drug Rehab Facility?

Addiction is never the same for any two people. It is important to think about how your addiction is affecting your life when deciding what type of help you need. A 90-day addiction rehab will provide comprehensive treatment in a secure setting that will allow you or your loved one to focus on getting sober and nothing else.

Those who have very strong addictions and those who have been addicted to drugs for long periods are suitable candidates for 90-day drug rehab care. The extra time spent in a sober living environment paired with the intensive addiction therapies offered help to prevent relapse. Stress management skills and coping skills are also taught, practiced, and tested during a person’s three-month visit. This will allow those in recovery a better chance at avoiding temptation when transitioning back into their regular lives.

Some people who are dealing with addiction may also have underlying health issues or may also receive dual diagnosis treatment. 90-day addiction rehab facilities are a safe place to get clean while also having constant access to medical care. Addiction is often triggered by a person's environment. Even those who have a mild to moderate addiction may benefit from 90-day addiction rehab if their home life is chaotic and contributes to their addictive behaviors.

Is 90-Day Addiction Rehab Confidential?

90-day drug rehab is considered medical treatment. As such, it falls under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This means that only those who you give specific written permission may have access to your treatment information. Facilities will not even confirm that you are undergoing treatment at the center outside of a court order. Only in times of emergency is an authorized person allowed to be contacted. The staff at the facility will never speak to anyone about the patients going through drug rehab treatment under any circumstances. In some cases, drug addiction treatment may be court-ordered, but aside from the lawyers, judge, and other authority figures, no one will be aware of your treatment details. You can be confident that your sobriety and your privacy are the most important things to everyone at the facility.

Fostering Healthy Habits Over 90 Days

A 90-day drug rehab program is a proven amount of time that allows patients in recovery to create positive habits. It takes a while to form a drug habit, and it also takes time to break that habit and replace it with something positive. Three month-long programs provide both the time and the knowledge that will help addicts to break their bonds for good. One of the main components of long term drug rehab is behavioral therapy. By working with patients to identify and remove self-destructive behavior, the groundwork for sobriety is established. In addition to behaviors, the root cause of substance abuse is also explored.

How Do I Find A 90-day Drug Rehab Clinic Near Me?

Are you worried about location an affordable 90-day drug rehab facility in your area? We are here to help. We have access to a large range of inpatient and outpatient 90-day drug rehab facilities all over the country. If you are in need of help, we are here to connect you with a 90-day drug rehab so you can get sober. You can search for a 90-day drug rehab by location, price, or even addictions treated. Help is never more than a few clicks away.

How Do I Find 90 Day Drug Rehab Near Me?