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Holistic drug rehab centers are becoming more and more popular as treatment options for drug addiction. Who are these holistic drug rehabilitations options for? You are not only that person who reads nutrition labels, you are also someone who is aware of the danger and benefits of the lotions that even come into contact with your skin. You are cautious of the presence of artificial sweeteners and their damaging effects, opting for raw honey when possible. You start to hit a streak of days that are not going your way. You were driving home and hit a squirrel and it broke your heart. Then your car died, and you had to call a tow truck to get you to a local garage. Your friend took you to work, where you were late because of the car and your boss nagged you even though it was your first offense in two years. Your friend told you a few friends were coming over for dinner later and that you should come and blow off some stream. You felt you really should since she did you such a huge favor by taking you to and picking you up from work.

Things got crazy fast when someone pulled out the cocaine, and while you were first appalled at the thought, they looked excited and happy after they snorted a line. Nothing dreadful happened and these people seemed to really have their life together. Your biggest mistake was deciding right then and there to take that first hit. You loved how you felt! What a rush! It did not feel like a mistake. The problem arose when you started to crave it after the first few times. You then started to miss work and hang out with your new friends, neglecting your old ones. It is a slippery slope that you have begun to descend, but it’s never too late to get help. Don’t let a few bad days of life turn you into the person you never dreamed you would become.

What do we mean by holistic drug rehab?

When the medical community treats the body for harm or injury, they generally do it in a systematic aspect. They look at the components of the body and determine what part needs repairing. They do not look at the spiritual, social, or mental aspect of it. Approaching any problem in a holistic manner means that the person is treated as a whole and not as individual parts. The belief is that each system and component will balance out when the entity is treated as a whole. Part of the purpose of any rehab is to teach the addict that there are other pleasurable things in life. People are more likely to stay committed when they are surrounded by the things that remind them of the happy life that they once led. The right program can do just that. It can help those who are recovering feel fulfilled and whole.

Are holistic techniques effective at treating substance abuse?

People who have substance use disorders (SUD) — whether they crave heroin, alcohol, cocaine, or meth — typically lose their appetites and neglect their bodies. When the body is nourished properly and given the right amount of physical activity, the brain, muscles, and GI system start to relax, show an improvement in mood, and witness the regeneration of damage once done by drugs. How does this rebalancing benefit the treatment of drug addiction? 

What are some examples of holistic rehab treatments?

Holistic treatment is also referred to as alternative, complementary, or naturopathic medicine. It assists the body in stabilizing itself out as the person moves through the process of becoming sober. The pull of drugs is so strong that someone who normally lives as naturally as possible end up relying on the sedative effects of drugs to ease their psychological pain. There is always hope in reversing the harsh effects. Everyone makes mistakes, but alternative approaches can help them heal the root cause of their drug abuse. Repairing the brain, healing the soul, and reconnecting with one’s inner self can help the mind, body, and spirit act as one again. 12-step programs have the same goal, a reconnection to oneself. Healing the energy field can be easily done when someone takes advantage of the goals of a holistic program. Holistic drug rehab techniques are often used in luxury drug rehab centers. Some of the methods used include:

What are the basic steps in a holistic drug rehab program?

It is essential to combine therapeutic methods in order to obtain the desired results. There is a basic structure followed with natural remedies that includes:

How can I afford holistic drug rehab?

It may be overwhelming to considering disrupting your entire life to get the help that will allow you to respect yourself and know that you deserve happiness. One of the most stressful things to consider is the cost of being admitted into a holistic rehab program and how it will impact your financial situation. It does not have to cause anxiety with the amount of amazing resources that can be tapped into. Investing in your future is key to maintaining the sobriety for which you so desperately long, and your life depends on it. Simply writing a check is not an option for many. Some options include:

There are so many options that exist when someone decides that they need to get help for their drug addiction. Perhaps someone lost their way during a weak moment at an innocent dinner party and found themselves craving the very substance that previously scared them. Media makes meth and cocaine and heroin look so bad, but do they know how it can make you feel? Your conscious causes you to admit that the high is exceptionally temporary and that you are dousing the poor cells in your body with something that is damaging them. You have worked so hard to remain natural throughout your life and do not understand how you got down this path in the first life. Now the cravings are too difficult to stop on your own and you need help. The best place for you to regain the balance of your mind, body, and spirit is at a holistic drug rehab facility. Never lose hope!

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