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The pressures that women are subject to did not arrive with the modern age of technology. Women felt suppressed long before the women’s movement in the 1950s. While there is progress to the goal of achieving equality, it is still a long way off, and many women deal with increased career pressures in addition to juggling parenting and being a worthy wife, child, sibling, and friend by using mind-altering substances. Having a glass of wine on the deck at night is just one small thing that any woman feels she deserves at the end of a long day before she lays her head on the pillow.

That scenario sounds nice; however, in reality, the number of women who have AUD (alcohol use disorder) is growing exponentially. This can be attributed to social media passing around fun cartoons showing larger than life wine glasses or promoting not only ladies’ night at the bar, but also girls’ weekends with no shortage of alcohol to help unwind. Millions of women go down the dangerous path of alcohol use, progressing from a glass of wine in the evenings to downing a shot right after the kids get on the bus. Alcohol rehab for women can address the particular stressors that women face. AUD is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the United States, and we are going to discuss some of the reasons why rehab may be exactly what can help you regain control of your once happy life.

Why does a women only alcohol rehab facility make sense?

Every human body generally works in the same manner; however, gender does dictate the reactions to substances that enter it. Hormones, structure, and chemistry vary from women to men. Both have estrogen and testosterone, but the different levels are what help create functions unique to each gender, such as reproduction. This applies to anything ingested as well. Men tend to drink more alcohol at one time, but women absorb more of what they drink, and their body takes longer to metabolize and clear it from their systems. Research has shown that alcohol causes more physical health issues in women than when compared to men.

Society has different expectations of each gender. Women are more likely to experience childhood sexual abuse or assault as an adult, but only 12% of cases are reported. This means that the victims continue on with their life, suppressing emotional harm or trying to handle it on their own. This initial trauma may not have been resolved when the worries of trying to maintain adult responsibilities pile on top of it, causing depression, anxiety, and negative thought patterns. Alcohol rehab centers that are designed to face the challenges through which women go can be exactly what makes for a successful recovery. Some of the most common female issues found that have led to low self-esteem and loss of control include:

How do I find an alcohol rehab for women only near me?

It was an important step for you to even be on this site finding answers to some of your questions. Choosing a rehab facility program that is a good match for your personality, lifestyle, and beliefs is essential, since it will affect the entire trajectory of your recovery path. You are interviewing a facility as much as they are interviewing you. They want to help you achieve sobriety and be successful in your future endeavors. Picking the facility that is right for you goes beyond randomly looking at the hundreds of options online. Some of the important questions to ask include:

Can I afford a women alcohol rehab center?

Each person’s situation is so different that it is hard to answer this question in a straightforward manner; however, institutions range from government-funded to luxury ones, and many are paid by health insurance. Cost averages can help someone decide on choosing which one benefits them.

In the questions asked when choosing a program, cost comes to the forefront in many circumstances. It should not be the only factor, but it is important so as not to create more of a financial burden when they finish rehab and are trying to establish a successful path to sobriety. Government-funded rehab centers were established for individuals who have either no or low income so that they can get the necessary help, and private ones even offer multiple amenities for those wanting to maintain a certain lifestyle. Someone who is worried about how they are going to afford it should never give up hope, because there are a variety of options, such as:

How successful are women-only alcohol rehabs?

Success rates are variable and based on a variety of factors. While a facility must have a good program that results in many people finishing it and having as few relapses as possible, it is also important the patient pick the program that will most benefit them. The medical credentials and qualifications of the staff are essential to analyze, since you will be relying on them to help you overcome a medical condition, your AUD. Similar to drug rehab for women, the best successes are found in alcohol rehab treatment centers that offer a combination of psychotherapy and MAT (medication-assisted treatments). The most transition occurs in a person trying to recover in the first year, so this is when most studies gather their statistics. Some examples that have been gathered across the country from different facilities witness a trend among programs. They are typically based on outpatient alcohol rehab, since it is the step that usually follows inpatient rehab.

What are the chances women can stop drinking alcohol on their own?

Relapse should be listed as a step. No one needs to feel ashamed if they drink again, but it is important to regain your sobriety and get to a meeting as soon as possible. If necessary, calling your original treatment center may be necessary. While there are stories of people with AUD walking away from their addiction on their own, it isn’t a common occurrence. There are many levels of addiction, and less serious cases don’t generally have as hard a time stopping as those with severe addictions. What gives someone the ability to regain control of their alcohol abuse? Some reasons stated are:

88,000 people die each year due to an alcohol-related illness and an astounding one in eight people in the United States are considered to have AUD (alcohol use disorder. It is the third leading cause of preventable death, and with some effort, can be overcome so that it stops causing problems in relationships and jobs. When it’s time to find a safe space in which someone can learn how to live without the effects of alcohol, there is a rehab facility waiting for you that will give you the options you never thought that you had.

How Do I Find Alcohol Rehab For Women Near Me?