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Drug and alcohol rehab centers are dedicated facilities whose sole purpose is to help those struggling with addiction to break the cycle. While many clinical options for recovery, some people may find more benefit in seeking a location that offers care that is in line with their faith. Non-denominational Christ-centered drug and alcohol rehab programs give the patient the chance to break their addictions while working to restore or establish their faith at the same time.

Along with getting the clinical support needed to give recovery efforts the best chance of success, Christian based recovery also offers customized care. This care uses faith-based ideals to help tackle weaknesses in a person’s faith that may have led them down the path of addiction. Religious services play a central role in the treatment process in addition to proven clinical methods of addiction cessation.

Unique Programs & Therapies in Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Just like traditional addiction rehab centers, the staff, nurses, and caretakers are certified in managing addiction treatment. Clinical training and expertise are essential when dealing with health issues and complications that often arise when undergoing detox and recovery. In addition to evidence-based therapies and programs, faith-centered programs offer a spiritual perspective to help manage mental health and addiction.

Christian based recovery programs allow patients to grow spiritually during their recovery. In some cases, patients may become believers or reacquaint themselves with their faith during the recovery process. In addition to relapse prevention, clinical addiction groups, and individual therapy sessions, there are also spiritual guidance counselors to offer support during the whole process.

Some drug and alcohol addiction treatment you will find in Christian centric rehab centers is partial hospitalization during initial detox, spiritually intensive outpatient programs, and smaller introductory groups for medically monitored detox. In addition to outpatient programs, Christian based residential drug and alcohol treatment is also offered. The point of all of these therapies is to allow those who are seeking change the ability and the space to achieve faith alongside long term growth. By combining traditional treatment programs with faith-based therapy, not only is the body healed from the ravages of addiction, but the soul is also soothed from emotional the toll of substance abuse.

Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Amenities

There are two main types of rehab, residential and outpatient. Depending on the type of addiction and its severity, one or the other will be required. Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers offer both options. Regardless of the type of program you choose, the amenities at each location are in line with those you would find at any other private addiction treatment facility.

In addition to standard offerings, Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers are also staffed with clergies such as pastors and priests. Many faith-based locations have ordained ministers on staff who are also certified medical or therapeutic professionals. This ensures that patients are able to receive both the clinical and the spiritual healing they desire.

Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Structure- What to Expect

The structure of the rehabilitation programs offered at a faith-based location such as a Christian drug and alcohol rehab center is pretty simple. When an addict arrives or checks in for treatment, they will start with detox, followed by physical and psychological health care, and fished off with a range of aftercare. Pretty much all addiction treatment programs follow this structure, the main difference with faith-based care is those religious beliefs are taken into account. Some small variations may occur depending on the location and if the center operates on evidenced-based or holistic based treatment.

Christian Based Detox

Detoxification is the second most difficult part of the recovery process, the first being choosing to get help. Detox requires a person to wean themselves or get weaned off of their substance of choice. This part of the process is harder for some than it is for others, and a lot depends on which substances a person is detoxing. In many cases, the symptoms of withdrawal are painful and drawn out. Some patients may need medical assistance in the form of replacement medications, such as methadone. While medically assisted detox can reduce some discomfort, quitting is always going to be an uncomfortable experience.

After the detoxification process has been completed, a patient will be treated for any lingering physical conditions. The detox process is different for everyone, some may clear their system of substances as quickly as a week, and for others, the process may take a bit longer. Working with the spiritual leaders in the facility will help ease the anxiety and stress that is caused by the detox process. After detox, having your health attended to will make the process of recovery much easier. In addition, it will allow a person’s psychological health, mental health, and emotional health to start the process of recovery.


While this may seem like a long process, it is done this way in faith-based programs and regular addiction treatment programs for several reasons. To start, it is best to avoid giving your body a shock by going cold turkey. Severe withdrawal symptoms often deter addicts from starting the recovery process and for those who start, it can cause them to drop out. Another reason that many programs start this way is to allow a baseline for your emotional health to be created. For many, their commitment to the Christian addiction rehabilitation process will either be made or broken at this stage. After detox and evaluation have been completed, then the road towards recovery can begin.

Recovery Through Faith

Counseling involves a comprehensive plan that is tailored to meet the needs of the patient. It will usually include group sessions, private sessions, medical checkups, and a regular schedule of spiritual guidance and therapy. Depending on the severity of a person’s addiction and the strength of their desire to reignite their faith, there may be several different paths to choose from. Adherence to a12-step program infused with faith-based ideals is also a common occurrence in Christian drug and alcohol rehab.

The pastor or chaplain will work with the therapist in the program to help patients learn new mechanisms for coping with stress and other complications that trigger use. For some, addiction is a result of trying to suppress past trauma. Many locations offer specialized counseling with grief and trauma counselors to help get to the root of the problem. Relapse therapy, anger management, drug abuse education, and even fitness programs are available in most Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Christian Alcohol and Drug 12-Step Programs

Addiction treatment centers have been making use of 12 step programs to battle addiction since the 1930s. Faith-based centers use Christian-focused 12-Step principles to form their treatment plans. These programs take into account the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual effects of chemical dependence and alcohol addiction. The critical support network and fellowship that is created in 12-Step programs, augmented by tenants of the Christian faith help patients with a smoother recovery and continued sobriety after discharge.

Christian based 12 step programs are not much different than traditional 12-step addiction programs. These treatment programs aim to force the addict to admit their addiction and the need for help. In addition to self-awareness, Christian based 12 step programs also have the recovering addict acknowledge how their choices affect their family, their faith, and others in their community. By taking all this into account, not only is a person able to better battle their addictions, but they are also able to reinforce their attachment to their faith.

When it comes to recovering from addiction, there is no better way than through a 12 step program. In a faith-based treatment center, the results-driven program that has been used for almost a hundred years is paired with a spiritual program that calls to a higher power.

Are Christian Recovery & Addiction Centers Open To All?

Christian faith-based drug and alcohol treatment centers welcome people from all walks of life regardless of their faith. Being a faithful follower of Christ is one tool that can help break the cycle of addiction, however, many of other faiths and even those who do not follow any faith are able to benefit from the unique programs provided.

In Christian rehab facilities, addiction is treated clinically as well as spiritually. For recovery, it is believed that a spiritual foundation and a strong relationship with God will help ease the struggle of breaking the cycle of dependence. Even for those who are not devout Christians, or those who follow a different faith, the alternative treatments are still an effective option. Any addiction treatment that has a chance of success will need to be tailored to fit the needs of each individual patient. Faith-based recovery programs have the customization and care that comes with traditional addiction treatment with an extra level of detail in the form of faith guided care. Anyone struggling with addiction is more apt to respond to highly focused treatment, as such, most, if not all Christian treatment centers welcome everyone.

Christian Based Addiction Treatment, Discharge, and Aftercare

Addiction treatment is more than just a short stay at a residential rehab or even a few meetings during the week. Christian based addiction treatment centers go the extra mile by offering care during discharge and as long as a person may need support.

Depending on the location of the facility this extended support may be a group or private meetings at the original facility, pairing with a Christian mentor or even pastor on the patients' area, or, in some cases, referral to a long term Christian based recovery program. Starting a sober and spiritual journey in a faith-based rehab is the first, but most important step on the road to recovery. With faith-based programs, treatment is ongoing for as long as needed.

Any addiction treatment that has a chance of being effective will be made up of three parts, just like the Holy Trinity. The three connected aspects of Christian based addiction treatment connect the body, soul, and mind all of which work together to create a clear path to clean living. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a key part of Christian based addiction treatment that is also paired with medical intervention as needed.

The Benefits of Breaking The Cycle of Addiction

Addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both have a detrimental effect on a person's spiritual health. A person can be a model Christian and a good person, but addiction can slowly transform them into something not easily recognized. Addiction is comparable to a false god where instead of being freed for a life of happiness, they are placed into a form of bondage that can take a lifetime to break away from. Faith-based addiction treatment at a Christian addiction facility allows residents to break out of their cycle of sin and turn a new leaf through focused recovery.

Faith-based addiction treatment is based on Christian ideals, but it is beneficial for anyone who is seeking to become whole again. Often, addiction is caused by a lack of faith or a lack of direction. Instead of searching for the answers in harmful substances, the answer is provided by gentle, guided intervention. Patients who take the step on the path of recovery in a faith-based system are less likely to relapse thanks to the innovative methods of treatment and the comprehensive support system provided. Not only will breaking free from addiction help a patient reconnect with their faith, but it will also help them live a healthier life.

How Can I Find A Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Me?

When you are struggling with addiction, sometimes the best help you can find comes from the guiding light of your faith. There are many treatment centers available nationwide, but for those who are seeking a faith-based option, we can help. Repairing your faith while in recovery comes in many forms. Some facilities offer intense guided treatment programs while others simply offer support during your self guided journey. Regardless of which path you choose, we can help you find the right Christian alcohol and drug rehab to meet your needs that are based on Christian principles.

How Do I Find Christian Rehab Centers Near Me?