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Drug addiction and alcohol abuse can strike anyone, however, some groups are more prone to falling into the cycle of addiction easier than others. Veterans and active military members who have seen action recently are two groups that are at a higher risk. Drug and alcohol rehab centers offer a wealth of services to help those who are interested in staying sober, but for veterans, addiction treatment is often not enough.

Active military members and veterans may suffer from unique mental health issues and work-related issues that trigger their addictions. A VA drug and alcohol rehab center will specialize in the treatment of active duty and veterans so they get the help they need to be made whole again. In addition to specific assistance with duty-related mental health concerns, VA focused facilities also honor our heroes by giving them the help they need to be healthy after faithfully serving our country.

Managing PTSD & Substance Abuse

Many active-duty military personnel along with veterans returning from combat with scars. These scars are often wounds received during their time out on deployment, but many scars are not visible. The emotional and mental toll of being in an active war situation can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder once returning to the States. PTSD is formally recognized as a legitimate disease by the military, however, this was not always the case.

Not every veteran or active military member will seek professional help with PTSD. Instead, many of our servicemen and women start self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. Returning to civilian life can be difficult, especially when there is no one to share the horrors and experiences that have a true understanding of their meaning. Servicemen and women often try to numb their emotions or even erase their memories by heavily indulging in illicit drugs and other harmful substances. Many serious addictions start with an addiction to alcohol and grow into an addiction to drugs as the symptoms of PTSD worsen.

In order to treat PTSD and addiction, vesting a professional VA drug and alcohol center is essential. These rehab centers specialize in treating veterans and active-duty military personnel who suffer from PTSD and are struggling with substance abuse.

What Is The Link Between Military Duty & Addiction?

A moderate percentage of military personnel will experience some form of substance use disorder in their lifetime. They are most often found in veterans and those who have experienced active combat. Some signs that you or your loved one may suffer from addition are; abusing prescription medication, binge drinking, and other signs. Some causes of addiction can be linked to:

It is important to know that there is no shame in asking for help. It is normal to have trouble processing and dealing with events that occurred while on active duty. A VA drug and alcohol rehab center is staffed but highly trained staff who have experience dealing with the unique challenges that come from being in the military.

Why Are There Specialized Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers For Vets?

The life and culture in the military are vastly different than that of civilians. While drug addiction is generally the same in everyone, treating it in military personnel, require a different approach. In addition to active military and veterans, the families of military personnel also have unique needs that may be hard for the general population to comprehend. Most military members who are struggling with addiction also suffer from PTSD. Post-traumatic stress is a serious mental health issue that often requires lifelong professional treatment.

Though many people in the military battling addiction suffer from PTSD, there are also plenty who do not have PTSD but still need help with sobriety. Being in the service can make it hard to identify and break the cycle of substance or alcohol abuse, but help is available. Military members and veterans are often found to be suffering from co-occurring disorders that are further exacerbated by self-medicating that ends in addiction. Most traditional rehab facilities are capable of managing and treating addictive disorders but are unable to offer specialized care for active-duty members and veterans.

What To Expect In A VA Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center?

Once you or your loved one decide to move forward with addiction treatment, you may be wondering what to expect. Each facility may follow a slightly different procedure, but in general, they will maintain the same steps along the treatment arc.

When a veteran or active personnel arrives at the facility, they will undergo a comprehensive evaluation. During this evaluation, the staff will determine what substances are the source of the addiction in addition to any other underlying health concerns. Mental health evaluations are also common at this point as many service members often suffer from multiple conditions in addition to addiction.

After the initial evaluation, an individualized treatment program will be created to help the service member start on their path to recovery. Depending on the level of addiction, either regular detox or medically assisted detox will be suggested. Detox is a critical step that removes the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol and will allow the rest of the treatment to progress more effectively. Following detox, a person will either continue to a residential VA alcohol and drug rehab program or start on an outpatient treatment program.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

There are two main types of addiction treatment programs, in this section, we will cover residential rehab. Most facilities use a mix of evidenced-based care and holistic treatment to help those struggling with addiction to break the habit. 12-step addiction treatment is common among all forms of addiction treatment and is one of the most successful programs to date that help those in recovery to get clean and stay sober long term.

Inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehab for veterans is a way for our military members to get the help they need in a safe space. Each patient will go through an initial evaluation to determine the level of their addiction, discover any other mental health concerns, and to form a customized treatment plan.

Each person will have a unique length of stay depending on their needs. Detox is also mandatory and depending on the addiction, medically assisted detox may be provided. In addition, to help in breaking their addiction, military-related mental health care will be provided. Psychiatric care for PTS, PTSD, and MTS in addition to treating addiction issues are other benefits of residential treatment. Care goes beyond breaking the habit. For those who have hit rock bottom, many facilities also offer job preparation and training to help prepare a solid base once released from the facility.

What Programs Are Offered In A VA Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center?

VA drug and alcohol rehab centers offer a wide range of addiction treatment services. Depending on the location you can expect holistic treatments and evidence-based treatment for addiction. In addition to standard care, you can also expect help with:

The programs offered will vary depending on the facility, but the basics as well as coordination with the military hospital and VA hospital are standard. VA addiction treatment centers are dedicated to ensuring that active military members and veterans are well cared for and feel heard.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

There are two main types of addiction treatment programs, in this section, we will cover outpatient rehab. Just like with inpatient rehab, the outpatient treatment also is a mix of evidenced-based care and holistic care. The main difference is that patients will be able to remain at home and visit the facility on a daily or weekly basis for treatment. 12-step programs, counseling, group therapy, and alternative therapies are all a part of outpatient addiction treatment for veterans.

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab for veterans will start with an initial evaluation to determine addiction levels, identify any underlying mental health concerns, and to address physical health issues that may be contributing to their substance abuse. Detox is a mandatory step in outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment. For some, this may mean spending a couple of days in a detox center away from home, while for others, this may mean completing a medically assisted detox program.

Outpatient addiction treatment will be crafted to meet the needs of each person. Depending on the underlying causes or dual-diagnosed conditions, alternative medications may be given. These will help patients cope with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. During treatment, patients will be taught how to deal with many life stressors that often trigger substance abuse.

Addiction touches more than just the person suffering. Families have often been torn apart when their loved one is stuck in the cycle of abuse. Outpatient care will often involve family therapy and relationship therapy to help veterans and active personnel to repair the damage caused by their addiction.

Questions to Ask Before Committing to a VA Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

Understanding that you or your loved one needs help is the first step on the path to sobriety. After making the decision to get help, it is important to choose a VA specific facility that can meet your needs. There are both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, so think about which type of arrangement is best suited to your situation. No matter which you choose, it is a good idea to visit each location prior to making an enrollment decision. Some important questions to ask during your research are below.

While many drug and alcohol rehab centers will provide many of the services you expect, not all specialize in VA or active duty member treatment. There are unique challenges that those in the service face that is generally misunderstood by the average person. It is important that when looking for addiction treatment that you choose a location that understands the military and the lifestyle of those involved in the service.

Resources for Military Veterans Seeking Addiction Treatment

Veterans and active military who are in need of help with addiction have several resources available. The VA often will cover the cost of alcohol or drug rehabilitation in an approved facility. The best way to get access to help is by speaking with their existing VA healthcare provider. If you or your loved one do not currently have a VA healthcare provider, you can contact the VA’s general information hotline or contact your local veteran’s center. In addition to these sources, there are many faith-based and community-based resources that are offered specifically for military members in need.

How to Find VA Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me?

We understand that finding a VA drug and alcohol treatment facility can be difficult. We respect our servicemen and women and understand that they have special requirements that affect their addictions. We have a diverse and comprehensive list of VA and VA approved rehab facilities to choose from. With our help, you can find a high-quality treatment center that provides military-specific addiction counseling and addiction treatment. Many of these centers also offer help with the effects of PTSD and more. Help is never more than a click or phone call away.

How Do I Find Drug Rehab For Veterans Near Me?