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You may only spend a part of your life with your pet, but they will probably spend their whole life with you. They would love to be an important part of the next step in your journey if you choose a pet-friendly alcohol rehab center. Your dog or cat has loved and appreciated every moment with you and only wants to be a part of your world. Just because you are facing problems in your life does not mean that they do not want to be included. Learning how to live without relying on alcohol will be one of the hardest things that you ever have to do and leaning on your fur baby for support will make both of you feel a great deal better for having shared the experience.

How is pet-friendly alcohol rehab beneficial?

Your pet has always been there for you. They lick your face when you cry and purr when you need support. You may have isolated yourself from family and friends, but you have a symbiotic relationship with your pet when it comes to love and understanding. Anxiety, depression, and lack of self-esteem are part of the addiction experience as the person sinks further down into the hole. They have pushed away everyone they love because they feel judged and undeserving. Pets can help build the confidence you lost, which is an important part of a successful recovery.

Entering your new home at the rehab center for the foreseeable future is uncomfortable but having your faithful companion with you can make it easier. Those with an AUD (alcohol use disorder) who are admitted into rehab have some challenging days ahead of them and having their fur baby by their side supplies them with the unconditional love that they crave. They do not judge your behaviors, and research has shown that the emotional and physical state are both improved from a loving relationship with a pet. Whether you are in need of alcohol rehab and want to bring your pet with you, or need pet friendly drug rehab, pets will help:

Pets also make it easy to socialize. Some people appreciate talking about something other than addiction and recovery after talking about it all day long, and there is never a lack of conversation when you have your pet. Besides the unconditional love and physical benefits of having a pet, there are also a number of ways that pets particularly help those in rehab, such as:

How do I choose a pet-friendly alcohol rehab center?

The alcohol rehab facility that you choose will put you on the path to sobriety. It is like finding the right job. It must fit well with both the employee and the employer. The same is true for rehab centers, and your pet can be an essential part of that process. The program must fit your lifestyle and your likes and dislikes, because it will be a commanding force in your recovery. Some questions to ask when picking a rehab center that allows dogs, cats or other pets include:

How successful is pet-friendly alcohol rehab?

An alcohol rehab facility’s success rate is dependent upon who they accept into their program and how experienced their staff is at helping people recover, so one of the most important questions asked when initially deciding if you will go there  is their success rate. You will want to know the medical credentials of the staff and how well they are trained in dealing with detox and rehab of alcohol. The programs that offer a combination of a wide variety of therapies provide the best chance of a successful and sustained sobriety. Research is completed on recovery alcoholics and mostly measure behaviors within the first year, since that is when most of the drastic changes will happen. These rates do not take into consideration those who dropped out. This means that choosing a program with therapies that appeal to you will help you find your own success.

Can I get and stay sober on my own?

Everyone hears stories of alcoholics who just stopped cold turkey; however, this is not the norm. Studies show that there may be levels of addiction, and less serious cases will not have as hard a time stopping as those who have been drinking more and for a longer period of time. What gives someone the ability to remain sober on their own? Interviews have exposed the following reasons:

What are the real numbers behind alcohol rehab?

It is difficult to provide an accurate statistic with the variety of factors involved in recovery, such as genetics and environment; however, there are averages. Various clinics have collected information based on outpatient recovery, since that is the typical direction someone goes after detox and an inpatient program. Most of the changes in a person’s life happen in the first year and this is what those numbers represent.

These statistics are only a few of the results of a collection of interviews and numbers found in the facilities themselves when they are deciding upon their success rates. While they are not all pet-friendly, they are all focused on the success of helping those in need of a life free from a toxic substance.

How do I find a pet friendly alcohol rehab center near me?

It is never too late to hope for the best life that you can have. There is always help available, no matter the level of need. Whether someone’s family is admitting them directly from the hospital’s emergency room or you are admitting yourself, there is a perfect alcohol rehab program out there, and pet-friendly ones allow you the benefits of staying with the one who never left your side. Anyone who needs help will notice that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of rehab choices. Choosing one near you might keep you close to family and friends, but that is not always a good thing if the people in your circle are triggers that will lead to your relapse. We have a tool that helps match you with the right facility.

Life is not always easy, but it is always an adventure. When you have decided that now is the time to find help for your alcohol addiction and you want to take your bestie with you, pet-friendly alcohol rehab centers can provide a safe haven for both of you. When you have pushed away partners, family, and friends, have lost your job and your way, reaching rock bottom may be the point at which you find that you cannot go on as you are any longer. Let us help you find a place at which you can resolve your past traumas and continue to heal without the use of alcohol as a crutch.

How Do I Find Pet Friendly Alcohol Rehab Near Me?