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Each culture has defined roles for men and women. They are subconscious thoughts on how we view each other in the world. Men have always been seen as the hunters and gatherers, but roles have evolved throughout the years. Society is in a transition that causes deep mental shifts and anxiety. Those who are dominant find that they may be judged for having privilege and keeping the little man down, while those who are more submissive are judged because they are too insightful and not ambitious enough.

These variations of the roles in which men reside cause stress that is not always easy to handle. Sometimes they have a problem relating to the opposite sex, whether they have an absent mother or maybe a domineering wife. People just want to live a happy life in which they are accepted for the person that they are. When this discrepancy between what someone wants and what they have occurs, they may turn to drugs to alleviate the constant, all-consuming stress. Depending on the drug used, the level of stress, and even the genetics of the person, they may go from experimenting or casual use to dependency. When they feel like they cannot live without the drug and it starts to affect their income and relationships, it is time to ask for help. Drug rehab that was designed specifically for men can provide the help they need to take the reins back and create a fulfilling life.

How do men abuse drugs differently than women?

Men and women typically have different stressors that lead to the use of drugs. Their body functions lend to how likely they are to become addicted. We can see this difference in trends that show themselves over time, which include:

What are the fundamentals of a drug rehab for men only?

People typically either seek out treatment or are forced into it. This does not bode well for the fact that those who are motivated to take advantage of all that rehab has to offer have a better chance at accomplishing and maintaining sobriety.  While there are also women only drug rehab centers, what are some benefits of a men’s only program?

Are there differing formats for men’s drug rehabs?

Some men make it through adolescence and college, establish a great career, and marry the love of their life, reaching all the goals that they set for themselves when they were younger; however, they started taking benzos to cope with the stress. Other men started smoking marijuana in high school to alleviate social anxiety, snorted cocaine through college, and find that they need drug rehab that focuses on their issues alone.

What happens at a men’s drug rehab facility?

While each facility has its own regimen, there are basic steps and therapies that have been proven to be highly effective in helping someone fight their drug addiction. Many facilities have been established, from inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs to luxury and holistic drug addiction treatment programs.

How can I pay for a drug rehab for men?

Paying for addiction treatment may seem like something that is not financially possible. First, it is an investment in your future. Second, think of the money that you will save on not buying drugs. Most treatment programs are covered by health insurance, but if that is not an option, there are other ways to find your way back to health and happiness.

The pressures that are put on men by society and by themselves can have damaging effects to their self-confidence and even their self-identification. Drugs do not discriminate who they affect and will ruin the lives of anyone who tempts fate and incorporates them into their life for too long. Some drugs are even addictive after only the first hit, like meth. A gender-specific drug rehab helps men recognize and resolve past traumas, as well as face the unique issues that they face on a daily basis in their culture and their own circle. It is never too late to regain the hope that you once had in attaining a wonderful future.

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