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While drugs do not differentiate between social classes and ethnicity, the basic processes of the brains of men and women operate in distinct ways.  They are both human and face many of the same situations; however, the social values instilled in males and females, as well as the chemicals in their bodies, will restructure each one’s reactions. Society has taught each gender a different method of processing feelings in addition to what actions are acceptable for each gender in any given culture. Clinicians have also seen that women may even be more susceptible to some addictions than their male counterparts. Finding a drug rehab program that is geared specifically toward helping women recover helps an immeasurable number of individuals find the sobriety for which they long.

Does addiction affect women differently than men?

Women have fought hard for their right to stand next to men in the world when it comes to being chosen for the same careers, as well as having men perform equally at home; however, there remain basic differences on how their bodies will react to exterior and interior stimuli.

Perhaps a mother is at her wit’s end trying to juggle the responsibilities involved in being a parent, having her own career, being a wife, furthering her education, and taking care of her parents. She not only has no time to recharge herself, she is barely keeping her head above water. She goes to the doctor for something to assuage her anxiety and is given benzodiazepine, or Xanax. She did not think it was possible to appreciate the dulling of her senses, but she is now able to go through her day and not feel like she is going to have a nervous breakdown. Soon, she is taking it four times a day AND drinking wine at night. Then her neighbor introduces her to marijuana, and she cannot deny that those pot brownies sure did the trick. When she forgets to pick her daughter up at school or is consistently late to work, she realizes that she may have a problem. What are some of the differences on how males and females handle stress and addiction? 

Do men’s and women’s bodies react to drugs in the same way?

They do not! Not only do women telescope faster, which is the slide from first use to addiction, but there is a different chemical reaction. Drugs change the brain’s chemistry to make people feel like they cannot live without them, but the following differences have been observed in women:

What unique women’s issues should a program cover?

No matter how far along women have come in being looked at equally by the members of society, as well as the government, vast differences remain. Childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault are more prevalent in women than in men. Interestingly, only 12% of cases are ever reported because of the stigma attached to it. Survivors attempt to handle the psychological damage on their own; however, PTSD, depression, and anxiety issues run rampant in females. Equality has placed a great deal of pressure on women, and they use drugs to promote relaxation. Being in a drug rehab center for women may be more soothing if someone has been victimized by a man. In addition to feeling safer, they may also have found that they bond on a deeper level with women and have an inherent trust in them. Women only rehab centers may cover a combination of the following topics:

What drug rehab programs exist for women?

Picking the program that most closely matches your beliefs and personality helps to increase the likelihood of achieving and maintaining sobriety. Facilities can range from government-funded, non-profit programs to private ones that come with a price tag of tens of thousands of dollars each month. The cost can depend on a variety of factors, including:

How can I pay for women's drug rehab?

You have decided that it is time to get help, because you cannot guide your children if you are not whole yourself. It may seem overwhelming to choose a program from the plethora of choices, and one of the most stressful parts of choosing a drug rehab for women is the cost. Instead of viewing it as taking on more debt, it must be viewed as an investment in your future. Your life depends on it. People inherently want the best for other humans, and that includes helping those who are addicted to drugs receive the most effective treatment possible. When it is not as simple as writing a check, some options of payment include:

Women are simple but complicated. They want to be treated equal despite their differences from men regarding personalities and body structure. These variations do not make them weaker, like society has trained people to think for hundreds of years. They are more likely to have survived a sexual assault, more likely to become addicted to drugs that they try, and still are the ones who run households, businesses, and are the partners that do the majority of child rearing. Not only does society put pressure on them, but they take it and run with it, attempting to maintain the expectations to which they are expected to adhere. Millions of women rely on drugs to get them through their mental anguish and need help. They need the drug rehab to be able to work on themselves and recover.

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