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The person requiring the assistance of a short-term drug rehab facility is not who you ever would have thought to be looking back at you from the other side of the mirror. Those who find that they need a short stint of 30 days or less to detox themselves and get back in control of their clean living habits may find great success when they catch their addiction before it comes to full fruition.

What is considered short-term drug rehab?

Individuals who would do well in a short-term rehab center are those with only a mild to moderate addiction and do not have the involvement of a mental health disorder. Short-term programs last from a couple of weeks up to one month. The determination of how long someone will be in rehab is based on the answers collected during the assessment process. A good program will be flexible and allow for someone to change their therapies, as well as the amount of time that will be the most effective at helping them stay sober. Once any program extends past 30 days, it is considered long-term.

Do short term drug rehabs and court systems work together?

Drug use increases the chances that someone will be involved in a wide variety of criminal activities. Of those who were arrested across the country, anywhere from 63 to 83% of them tested positive for drugs. Many violent crimes were committed due to the chemical changes in the brain while on drugs, and those who needed money to buy drugs were more likely to commit property crimes and theft. DUIs (driving while under influence) is a rampant issue in America with approximately 1.5 million drivers each year being arrested. Individuals who decided to get behind the wheel after a few drinks are lucky if they are only arrested, because there are over 10,000 deaths each year related to alcohol-induced traffic accidents. The number of crimes increases when alcohol is used in combination with other substances — like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Many short-term rehab centers work with courts throughout the various levels of the criminal justice system to help those who have been accused of a DUI or DWI adhere to their punishments. With crime and substance use disorders (SUD) intricately linked, many times the sentence doled out is a short-term rehab if drugs or alcohol were involved. A great deal of previous addicts can say that is was not a punishment in the long run, since they found their sobriety after they were either incarcerated or given the opportunity for a short-term drug treatment that helped them overcome their addiction. 

What therapies are effective in a short-term drug rehab program?

Most facilities, whether they are inpatient, outpatient, 90 days, 60 days or 30 days, will provide the same kinds of therapies. It is almost like a shortened school day. The students attend the same classes, they will just have to condense the same material into a shorter time period. In a short-term rehab, addicts work on their coping skills and face their demons more rapidly, but they go through similar sessions. Choosing a center based on what suits you best will increase the chances of successful completion of a program and maintained sobriety. Using a combination of an assortment of therapies offers the best odds. Examples of commonly used therapies performed in individual or group sessions include:

How much will a short term drug rehab facility cost?

Cost can be a major factor in finding help. Most drug users who need rehab have lost their feelings of self-worth, so they may feel like they are a burden and do not want to put their family any further into debt just to get themselves help. Well, their family will not have them in their lives if they do not find a way to release themselves from the clutches of their drug of choice. Government-funded facilities will have a longer wait list, and private ones will have less patients per each staff member. The cost can run anywhere from $3,000 to over $40,000; however, health insurance covers the majority of it, depending on the plan. Factors that contribute to the cost include:

How can I pay for a short-term drug treatment program?

When someone who abuses drugs reaches a low that causes them to admit that they may need help to stop using their drug of choice, it is imperative to get them into rehab as soon as possible to prevent the possibility of them changing their minds. One of the major roadblocks that makes someone give up the idea of professional help is the money involved. To make them feel better, they can think of the expenditure of money in two ways — that they will be saving money on the drugs they will not be buying and they will not have a future without investing in a rehab program. There is always help available in a range of formats. Additionally, a rehab program’s only reason for existing is to help people regain control of their lives without the use of chemical substances. Payment possibilities include:

How do I choose a short-term drug rehab center?

There are over 14,500 drug detox and rehabilitation treatment centers in the United States alone, so it is getting easier to find one that will suit your specific needs and wants. Choosing the program that is appropriately suited to your situation will help ensure the likelihood of successfully completing the program and staying sober. Of the approximately 20 million people who have a substance use disorder (SUD), only 1.5 million seek treatment. It is partially due to the stigma found in society; however, it is also related to practical barriers, such as affordability, denial, lack of trust in counselors, hopelessness, and not wanting to abandon personal responsibilities. The sooner you go, the sooner you return to work and the family that needs you. You are interviewing a facility as much as they are deciding if they can help you, so asking questions is important.

There are tens of millions of Americans each year who meet the criteria as having a substance use disorder (SUD) or drug abuse problem. This could have led them to steal items to sell for money to buy drugs, steal money to buy drugs, drive while intoxicated, become violent with loved ones, and acquire many other negative behaviors. Someone who is insightful enough and not yet lost to the clutches of drugs can rely on the experts at a short-term drug rehab facility to help them get back to their life before it is ruined beyond repair.

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