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Those who have pets consider them family. Your fur baby has been right by your side as you have faced the problems that life has thrown at you, so he should be there on the next part of your journey in a pet-friendly drug rehab center. He has laid his head in your lap while you spiraled into a life of drug addiction, so it’s only right that he should be there while you battle to regain control of your life. Facing the challenge of becoming sober and staying that way is best done with the support and help of someone or something that will unconditionally love you. Your pet will stay by your side the entire way without judgement. You can do this together with the help of a pet-friendly drug rehab center.

What are the advantages to pet-friendly drug rehab?

Your pet is always there for you with a wagging tail or a purr when you need it. You may have pushed everyone else away, but this little being relies on you for love and food. No one considers the anxiety, depression, and feelings of being unworthy that addicts experience as they progress into the darkness of their minds that is caused when they are addicted to drugs. They isolate themselves from everyone they love because they feel judged and have lost their self-esteem.  Building confidence is important in recovery and your dog or cat can help you do that.

Typically, it is uncomfortable when first walking into the center that you choose but having your faithful companion with you can make it easier. Those who enter alcohol detox and rehab have some challenging days ahead of them. Who better to have by your side than the one who supplies you with unconditional love?  Research has concluded that someone’s emotional and physical state are both improved from the love of a pet. Pets help:

Pets are also a conversation starter. Sometimes it is nice to talk about something other than your drug use when that’s what you focus on all day long, and there is never a lack of conversation when you have your dog or cat at rehab. Besides the unconditional love and physical side effects of having a pet, there are also a number of reasons why pets specifically help in a drug rehab program that include:

How do I choose a drug rehab program that allows pets?

Choosing a drug rehab program is one of the most important decisions you will make when trying to achieve and maintain sobriety. It will determine the course of your recovery and your future as you deal with normal life stressors that arise. You are interviewing a facility as much as they are interviewing you, so asking questions will determine if it is a good fit for both of you.  Some questions to get answered include:

How much does pet-friendly drug rehab cost?

While it might be more expensive to choose a pet-friendly center, it is definitely a viable option. It is difficult to determine clear-cut prices with every center offering different amenities; however, facilities range from government-funded to luxury ones, and many are paid by health insurance. Cost averages can help someone decide on choosing which one benefits them.

How can I afford pet-friendly drug rehab?

It is important to you to involve your pet in your rehabilitation. They have supported you through thick and think, and you cannot imagine leaving them with family, friends, or a boarding center. Instead of using them as an excuse not to go to rehab, find one that will include them. It is already overwhelming for an addict to think about coping with their issues without relying on drugs and thinking about the cost of it can send them back to their drug of choice. Financing your recovery should not have to be stressful. When it is not as simple as writing a check, some options include:

One of the biggest steps of drug addiction recovery is truly the initial realization that you need help to recover. This is because it is followed by the overwhelming process of choosing and paying for a center, as well as the preparation to enter it — including covering responsibilities of job, family, and pets. Since your dog or cat have been there for you through every problem you have faced, keeping them with you through rehab may be all the support you need to get through it successfully. Finding a pet-friendly drug rehab center can help you survive a difficult process with your fur baby and best friend.

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