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Knowing when the time has come to ask for the help of an outpatient alcohol rehab center is half the battle in regaining control of your life over the effects of mind-altering substances. With the media reporting on every drug crisis that occurs and each celebrity that enter rehab or relapses, it’s no wonder that there is a stigma attached to anyone who admits they have an alcohol use disorder (AUD). While there are an estimated 17 million people in the United States who fit the criteria for alcoholism over the age of 12, only 1.5 million seek treatment. Numbers do not always paint an accurate picture, since it shows that women are less likely to obtain treatment for their alcoholism. This is because they are more likely to procure treatment from counselors for depression and anxiety or doctors for fatigue. Nevertheless, alcoholism does not discriminate between gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, or career choice, and there are over 14,500 alcohol rehab programs from which anyone can choose. There is always hope when someone finds the center that matches their needs.

Who benefits from outpatient alcohol rehab?

There is nothing that states any program is more effective than another. Who benefits from each one is determined by their specific needs. Someone who does better being away from triggers and unsupportive family and friends would do well in a local inpatient alcohol rehab program, but if these requirements do not apply, an outpatient alcohol rehab may be their best option. Choosing a center is important since it will help shape the future of the recovery. It is important to understand the differences, so who would best be suited by an outpatient alcohol rehab center?

What are the goals of an outpatient alcohol rehab center?

Every program differs in its philosophy and mission statement; however, there are similarities in the goals that they all hope to attain. They include:

What are the steps in alcohol rehab?

The majority of the tens of thousands of treatment centers across the country offer various levels of treatment that are available. Regardless of the program, each one handles the stages of recovery; however, they do it in different time intervals and intensities. The ASAM (the American Society of Addiction Medicine) states that there are stages through which clients work:

While many people look at outpatient versus inpatient treatments and differences between other levels of recovery, it can actually be viewed as a continuum through which someone who is recovering flows. There is a fine line between each of them, whether someone enters after their time at an inpatient facility or starts here.

What are the types of outpatient rehab programs?

Each step offers a variety of treatments that are meant to flow with the recovery of each client. AUD is a spectrum disorder, meaning that it presents itself as mild, moderate, or severe. When you enter into any program, regardless of your level, you are entering at the degree that was determined necessary at your initial assessment when you were admitted. It is meant to flow with each person as they take steps forward and backwards. If it was determined that you would do best in outpatient setting, there are levels even in that. You can either live at home or at a halfway house near you for continued support.

What types of therapies are used in an outpatient alcohol rehab facility?

Staying sober is not just the feat of allowing the body to eliminate alcohol from its system in a detox program. Facing and resolving the problems that led someone to continue drinking in the first place is essential. Helping patients develop coping mechanisms will give them the ability to deal with problems in a healthy manner as they arise. There is no one size fits all when it comes to what works in helping someone change from negative to positive thoughts and behaviors. Each person responds differently to each therapy; however, a combination of the following typically realize the best success:

How can I afford an outpatient alcohol rehab center?

No one wants to put themselves or their family further into debt by finding professional help because they cannot seem to stay sober on their own; however, they will not be around for their family if they cannot abstain from drinking. Rehab facilities have your best interest in mind, so they offer a wide selection of methods of payment with health insurance providing the most coverage.

You can even consider that you will be saving the amount of money that you spent on alcohol when you were drinking. Did you drink a case of beer a day? You could spend an average of $450 a month! Being sober will save not only money in the long run, but your relationships, your job, and your health. Methods of payment can include:

No one takes that first drink at a college party and thinks that they will come to abuse alcohol over time. No one ever looks at their alcoholic parent and thinks that they want to be just like them. With every sip of alcohol, the chemicals in it change your brain to convince you that you need it to be happy and even to function through life. Instead of drinking to deal with a bad day or a stressful event, an outpatient alcohol treatment center can provide you with the coping skills and other tools that will help you get through the stressors that life throws at you. You an reestablish relationships that you once thought were forever lost, get your kids back, make your own money once again, and learn how to deal with problems in a healthy manner when you trust the experts at an outpatient alcohol rehab facility. 

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