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60-day rehab programs for drug and alcohol abuse employ the same treatment options as those found in short- and long-term programs; however, they bridge the gap between 30-day plans and those that last from six months to one year. The most effective course of treatment in any program is one that combines a variety of group and individual sessions.

Can I stop abusing substances and stay sober on my own?

Almost half of the beds of any given hospital in the United States are filled with patients whose health issues stem from their use of alcohol, drugs, or both. People have heard stories from individuals who found the will to stop using any number of chemical substances without the help of a rehab program; however, this kind of success in staying the course of sobriety alone represents only a small percentage of those who attempt it. Billions of dollars are spent on substance-induced health, legal, and career issues. Unless someone chooses to go to a counselor on their own, those who must develop their coping skills cannot typically do without professional assistance. Anyone with a mild to moderate addiction who has repeatedly tried to quit to no avail will find relief in a 60-day rehab program for alcohol and drug addiction. Of those that stayed sober on their own, research stated the following reasons were behind it:

What are the benefits of a 60 day rehab center?

Everyone reacts to rehab in a different way. One may embrace it right away, another may take a week or two to adopt their philosophies, and yet another may never come to appreciate it. Court sentences generally require a 28 or 30 day stint in a drug and alcohol treatment center, which ignites the passion for sobriety in certain people; however, research has shown that 90-day programs offer the best chance at preventing relapse and abstaining from the use of a favorite chemical.  Over 20 million people have the symptoms that lead to them being called an addict, yet only 1.5 million of them seek professional help. Some of the reasons that prevent people from doing so include:

Even those with a mild addiction or those whose addictive habit is not yet fully formed; 30 days may not be quite enough. Adding 30 days more can give them additional time to focus on developing their coping mechanisms and relapse prevention skills. 

Must I live at the facility for 60 days?

When someone chooses a rehab treatment facility for drugs and/or alcohol abuse, they go through an assessment and are admitted according to the plan created from the drug usage information, medical and mental history, genetics, and more. You must trust that the staff contends with similar issues every day, so they have an educated idea of what will work best in different scenarios. They may determine that you need 30-days and later change it to 60 if you seem to need just a little more time. They may also place you directly into a 60-day drug and alcohol rehab. A good program will never make you stay in one place over another if a change would better suit you, so choosing one with flexibility is essential to progress. If they think that you would do better being admitted and away from triggers, there is a reason for this. There are positives and negatives to each residential option, so weighing them will help make that decision:

What therapies are commonly used in a 60 day rehab for drugs and alcohol?

Most facilities, regardless of their length of time, will offer the same types of therapies. In a short-term rehab, alcoholics and drug addicts work on applying their coping skills and face their demons in a shorter timeframe. If they are finding that they are slow to learn how to cope with life’s stressors and how to avoid their drug, extending treatment to 60-days is an option in a comprehensive facility.  Choosing a program that is based on your needs will improve the chances that you complete it and stay sober. Using a combination of approaches offers the best chance of success. Commonly used therapies performed in individual and group sessions include:

How do I choose a 60-day rehab program for drug and alcohol addiction?

Choosing a facility is one of the most important parts of the journey to living a drug free life. The people and the program will help determine the success of your recovery. The appropriate one should remind you that you knew how to be happy before embarking on your addiction. You need to choose one that suits you, and the facility will also be determining if they have the ability to help you. Some questions to ask include:

Perhaps you are willing to commit as much of your time as necessary so that you can get your life back and reestablish your relationship with your partner and children. You have committed to turning your entire life around and stopping the weekend football events and going out with coworkers for a drink after a long day. Unfortunately, you do have responsibilities at work and cannot afford to forego an income for longer than a couple of months. With qualified counselors, you have decided that a 60-day rehab program for drug and alcohol abuse would be perfect for you. You can learn what you need to, apply it to your life, and get on with finding the happiness that you know deep down you deserve.

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