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While there are many alcohol rehab centers that cater to numerous population groups such as men, women, teens and even luxury alcohol rehab, there are situations when 2 people in a relationship have a serious drinking problem. In this case, it may be a good idea for them to consider alcohol rehab for couples. You love spending time with your partner. You enjoy each other’s company and miss each other when you are apart. You work at the same place, have the same friends, and are always having people over. You find your lifestyle fun … until you don’t. You start to sleep through your alarms for work, and you notice that your partner’s grades are slipping. You were convinced that you could live together and work toward your degree without your responsibilities faltering, but everything is starting to fall apart. There has to be a way to stay together. In your sober state, you realize that there is always beer in the fridge and your liquor cabinet has a great variety. Looking at it just makes you want to make a coffee with Bailey’s in it, but it is 9am, and you have to go to work. OK…just one. While your tolerance is high enough and the spiked coffee does not affect your senses, you still cannot believe you just did that. Hopefully, no one smells it on your breath. You decide that it’s time for couples alcohol rehab because your partner just had two of them before work as well.

How do we know if couples’ alcohol rehab is right for us?

If you could only see the future, you could decide which is the best path for the outcome that you desire. When one person wants to go through rehab but the other doesn’t, it is only setting one person up for failure. Either the relationship or the effort to be drug free may not be able to sustain the constant temptation that one person puts in front of the other. So, what are some of the benefits to seeking out alcohol rehab as a couple?

When is it NOT beneficial to be in a couples’ rehab for alcohol?

While it seems like there is nothing negative to attending an alcohol rehab program that has been designed to help couples achieve and maintain their sobriety together, a few instances exist where it would be more beneficial to go through separate programs.

What can I expect from a couples alcohol rehab program?

While every program is different, most facilities offer the same basic stages of the recovery process:

What types of therapies are used in an alcohol rehab program for couples?

Research has shown that the best course of treatment for alcoholism lies in a combination of therapies that provide the couple the means for lasting changes. When they learn new behaviors together, they can acquire healthy and positive new ways of communicating and interacting with one another. They will bring these changes into their new world and can learn to be happy and remain that way. What are some of the therapeutic options?

How do we pay for a couples’ alcohol rehab program?

The number of households where both partners work increases every year. It would be hard enough to figure out how to pay for one person seeking out treatment for alcohol abuse, but couples face the unique challenge of paying for both people. Alcohol rehab facilities are aware of this being an importance to couples. There is never a reason to lose hope with the existence of programs that range from government-funded to luxury alcohol treatment centers. Examples include:

You decide that it is time for you to focus on work and school and stop the drinking; however, your partner does not think that it is even close to a good idea. You are good through the week, but the cravings on the weekends are more difficult. That is when you get to relax, and you deserve that, right? When there is one person in a relationship that wants to quit but the other one does not, it eventually creates a rift between them. It makes it exponentially more difficult for the one trying to quit to do so and they usually end up going back to their partying ways. They express concern to a friend who says that she’s heard of couples’ alcohol rehab programs that can get you both back on the right track.

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