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Being a man has always come with a set of pressures to uphold the structure of society while attending to the needs of themselves and their family.  They are expected to have an intimidating physical presence, be strong, and exude masculinity. Media promotes this stereotype, and with minority groups and their supporters pushing for equality and change, there are a different set of pressures to not be a part of the group that is the working white man pushing others down. Emotional and physical pain are experiences that humans try to avoid at all costs and when something like taking a drink of the legal and easily-accessed alcoholic beverage in front of you can relieve it, then you take advantage of it. The continuation of this behavior can cause many health, financial, legal, and relationship issues if not gotten under control. This is where an alcohol rehab program geared specifically toward the pressures that men face may be everything necessary to help a male get back on track.

What are the benefits of a men’s only alcohol rehab program?

While humans are all created equally and generally look the same, there are chemical reactions and hormones and make each person unique. Society is slowly overcoming its labeling of gender roles, but men, women, and non-binary people face their own set of challenges. Men may find that they feel more relaxed in an environment shared with only their gender and like being surrounded by males feeling similarly and without judgment. Some benefits include:

What types of treatments are used in alcohol rehab for men?

When someone goes down the path of alcohol abuse, it is not only about ridding the substance from the abuser’s system, it is also an intense mental process of purging negative thoughts and overcoming past traumas. This is done through a variety of therapies, which work best when they are performed in conjunction with each other. Some things to expect in group and individual counseling are:

How much does men’s alcohol rehab cost?

Considering how much someone was paying for drugs to maintain their lifestyle, rehab will pay itself off in no time. Every person has different financial resources available and preferences on what amenities they would like to be surrounded by. There are luxury alcohol treatment options, like the ones that celebrities are admitted to, as well as highly effective government-funded programs. Cost is one of the deciding factors and averages are:

How do men pay for alcohol rehab if they are the breadwinner?

The majority of households in America are two-income families, where the partner also works. One person generally makes more and simply due to the differences in society, it is generally a man. He faces the unique challenge of maintaining his financial responsibilities while trying to take the time to improve who he is as a person. There are a variety of ways to get help.

Which men’s alcohol rehab facility is the right one?

Being overwhelmed may have been one of the reasons that a man continued to drink every day. He may have found relief in the sedative effects of the alcohol. Deciding to find help may seem overwhelming at first. Ideally, you can lean on your support system to help you find a center, because choosing the one that fits your personality and lifestyle is essential to achieving and maintaining the sobriety for which you are about to work extremely hard. Matching a program to your likes and dislikes and your learning method will not only guide your recovery trajectory, but it will also help give you a fulfilling future if you let it. When researching facilities, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you, so ask questions like:

Is it possible for a man to stay sober without an alcohol rehab program?

It is rare to hear a story of the neighbor’s brother whose wife threatened to leave unless he quit drinking, so he did. With over 9.2 million men in the United States suffering from AUD (alcohol use disorder), only 7.9% seek out addiction treatment. Over 88,000 alcohol-related deaths occur annually, making alcohol the third most preventable cause of death in the country. Billions of dollars are spent on alcohol-related health, legal, and career issues. With the stress in the modern world, those who need to learn coping skills usually cannot do it on their own. Less serious cases may be able to achieve this. If you have tried to quit over and over to no avail, it is time to get professional help. Of those that stopped drinking on their own, research resulted in the following reasons that they could:

Every person’s rock bottom looks different. One person can be sitting in jail, feeling guilt and shame for stooping so low as to hit his wife and son. Another could have just woken up on a bench in the middle of a park, not knowing where he is or having any money at all to his name. Maybe one person walks to the closest men’s rehab facility only because he has no money to buy alcohol and needs a place to shower and sleep. He does not plan on staying long but is taken by their knowledge and passion in helping him become a better person. He can remember back to when his wife looked up to him and when he had a great job that he loved. If only he could have that again. He does not really want to enter a treatment where women will judge his path in life. He has been judged since his mother criticized him at a young age. With some hard work and perseverance, he can once again live a fulfilling and happy life after successfully completing an alcohol rehab for men. 

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