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Luxury alcohol rehab is more than a 5-star location that offers overpriced counseling. Rehab centers are essential for those who are seeking to break their habit and dependence on alcohol. Luxury centers offer customized treatment that is centered around complete recovery, all provided in a low-stress setting. Having the choice to seek treatment for alcohol addiction at a luxury treatment center is certainly a privilege, as seeking help to begin with, is often painful and in many cases due to life-threatening causes. We understand your desire to get well and are committed to helping you get the treatment you need to thrive.

What Type Of Luxury Alcohol Rehab Center Is Best For Me?

Choosing an alcohol luxury rehab center is a critical first step in the recovery process. Selecting a facility will depend on your needs, budget, and if you plan to stay on-site or at home. There are hundreds if not thousands of treatment centers to choose from, and the main aspect that should drive your choice is not luxury amenities offered, but rather the rehabilitation programs provided.

Though there are many outpatient luxury alcohol rehab facilities, keep in mind that the vast majority are inpatient centers. This is mainly because inpatient, residential treatment allows addicts to receive a more intensive form of therapy without access to alcohol and away from many of their common triggers. Not everyone needs the intensive help that is provided in a dedicated residential facility, so in these cases, a regular schedule of weekly or even daily appointments may be just as effective. Understanding what is best for you according to your current level of alcohol addiction will help you choose the right luxury alcohol rehab to meet your needs.

How to Choose The Right Luxury Alcohol Rehab Program

Most people who decide to make use of luxury alcohol rehab treatment do so on an inpatient basis. Choosing to take a step away from your regular routine to seek treatment for your addiction is the hardest step on the road to recovery. Now that you have made this choice, the next step is to determine if you will need partial hospitalization, long-term residential treatment, or short-term residential treatment. There are a few steps to follow to help choose which alcohol treatment program will best meet your needs.

Understand Your Options

There are numerous options for treating alcohol addiction. Treatment ranges from acupuncture and sleep therapy all the way to 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Many even choose travel therapy where treatment is offered in exotic locations such as Thailand.

Alcohol Addiction Screening

While some people are able to admit or understand their level of addiction, most will need a professional screening to help better ascertain a proper treatment path. Every luxury alcohol rehab center should have a tried and true process to determine a person’s needs upon enrollment. A comprehensive screening will cover a person’s treatment needs, level of addiction, usage triggers, budget, the current state of health, and much more. Based on the answers given during the screening, a treatment program and level of addiction will be determined.

Choose a Setting For Your Treatment

The setting of your treatment will play a large role in how successful you are in beating your addiction. There are many luxury alcohol rehab treatment centers located in the main parts of the city, while others may choose a calmer environment such as out in the country. Each type of setting is suitable for different people, so consider what distractions and luxury mean to you when choosing which type of setting will help you heal. In addition to the actual location, some facilities offer more holistic based treatment while others are solely based on evidence-based therapy. Both are effective; however, it is important to understand which approach you prefer before checking in.

Plan Your Treatment Path

Addiction to alcohol affects each person differently. Some people may be able to function without anyone knowing they have a problem while others may tear down everything around them during a binge. When choosing a treatment plan, it is important to consider how far your addiction has progressed and how it affects you. Those with mild addictions may be able to seek treatment while still attending work or school. Those facing severe addictions on the other hand may need to be completely sequestered in order to break the cycle.

Understanding the Cost of Luxury Alcohol Rehab

The cost of alcohol addiction treatment varies depending on the treatment program, the severity of the addiction, and the type of center offering the treatment. There are free alcohol addiction programs as well as those whose costs can surpass thousands of dollars daily. No matter what the cost, getting sober is always worth it. Free programs and outpatient programs are often covered by local subsidies and private health insurance. Inpatient programs and luxury alcohol rehab centers are paid for via personal funds, insurance, and in some cases, through financing.

The majority of those seeking help will use private insurance to cover some or all of their treatment. Of course, insurance coverage varies depending on the provider and what the luxury alcohol rehab center accepts. Some forms of payment accepted are:

Not everyone has private insurance, but for those looking for help, there are many ways to get the help you need. Those seeking admission into a luxury alcohol rehab center usually are able to cover the cost of care on their own or are able to secure financing for their care. The cost of addiction is always going to be more than the cost of care. Make sure to consider the cost of a high-end treatment center prior to admission.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Costs

The cost of care in a luxury alcohol rehab depends on the location and the type of treatment provided. Those that are simply seeking treatment for a single addiction will have a lower fee than those who need treatment for multiple addictions.

Outpatient detox at a luxury alcohol rehab usually ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. The total price is determined by which methods are used and if any medications are used during the detox process. Inpatient luxury alcohol rehab starts off at $5,000 for 28 days and increases depending on the length of stay, amenities, location, and services provided. The longer the stay, the higher the cost, with two and three-month programs ranging anywhere from $15,000 to $90,000. Outpatient programs, even those at a luxury alcohol rehab center are much more affordable than their residential counterparts. Cost of care for a three-month program ranges from $15,000 to $30,000.

How Long Should A Person Stay at a Luxury Alcohol Rehab Center?

Length of stay depends on several factors such as how serious a person’s addiction is and how much time they are willing to commit to staying as an inpatient rehab resident. Locations that are situated away from urban centers or even deep in the country are geared towards full-time residents while those that are locally based tend to be more short term. Any luxury alcohol rehab center will allow a person to stay as long as they need in order to beat their addiction. The time frame can range from as short as one month to as long as a year.

Of course, luxury rehab centers are not cheap. When thinking about treatment, it is important to keep cost in mind. Inpatient care at a luxury alcohol rehab center offers the best chance of success thanks to the intensive methods used and the regular access to counseling sessions. This higher level of care is one of the main draws for those seeking inpatient treatment. While some costs may be covered by medical insurance, in most cases the remainder will be paid out of pocket. The cost can range anywhere from $3,600 per month up to $36,000 per month depending on the location and services provided.

Another option of course is rehab tourism in a luxury alcohol rehab center overseas. Even taking the cost of travel into account, getting treated for addiction in an exotic location has its own unique benefits. Not only will you be able to heal in a beautiful setting, but it will also be easier to maintain your privacy during your time away. Regardless of where you decide to enroll, it is critical that the location you choose also provide aftercare to help you maintain your sobriety once your inpatient alcoholism treatment has been completed.

What to Look for In A Luxury Alcohol Rehab

The term luxury implies superior service and plush surroundings. After choosing the type of program you want to enroll in and narrowing down your choice of locations, there are still a few things to consider:

The Environment

The environment should be comfortable, serene, and conducive to healing. Luxury rehabs tend to resemble a more homelike setting as opposed to a clinical setting. The point is that you feel at ease and comfortable in your surroundings, so look for amenities such as a pool, gym, or even an entertainment wing to find the perfect escape as you work towards sobriety.

Customized Treatment

Of all aspects of a luxury alcohol rehab program, the most important is a customized treatment plan. Each resident should have a comprehensive plan created upon their arrival after they have been evaluated by the nurses and specialty personnel at the facility. Each treatment program should fit a resident's unique condition and circumstances surrounding their addiction. If you suffer from more than one addiction, look for programs that offer treatment plans for co-occurring addictions and conditions as well. Individualized therapy is a critical part of the recovery process, so look for locations that have at least three certified professionals on hand to counsel the residents.

Accommodations & Benefits

When you book a room or a suite in a luxury alcohol rehab center, you should make sure they offer a full range of services: from certified therapists and counselors to anti-relapse medications and holistic treatment options. Of course, meals are included but look for those rehabs that offer fine dining and specialized cuisine crafted to help support your body during this critical time. It is normal for luxury addiction treatment locations to offer spas, pools, sports such as tennis, and much more to help residents divert their attention as they battle addiction.

Medical Services & Medically Assisted Detox

Alcohol addiction affects people in a myriad of ways, and in some cases, a person may be addicted to more than just libations. Luxury rehab services often offer anti-relapse drugs to help residents manage their withdrawal as they work through recovery. Medically assisted detox can be essential for those who are battling an addiction to harsher drugs in addition to alcohol. Antidepressants, antipsychotics, and sedatives can be an effective way to deal with those withdrawal symptoms. While many luxury rehab centers offer a wide range of addiction programs, not all are certified to provide medically assisted detox such as those who are in need of regular doses of benzodiazepines. Make sure to ask about what treatments are offered at any facility you are considering.

Peer & Community Support

Getting sober is a personal battle, but it is one that also involves the support of your community and peers. Surrounding yourself with people who are battling the same addictions and who have a similar lifestyle will help create a sense of belonging. While staying at a luxury alcohol rehab center is a great way to manage the stress and triggers that cause use, it is also a great way to gain perspective and see that you are not alone in your struggle. Look for locations that offer a wide range of group and individual therapies that will help on the journey towards sobriety

How Can I Find a Luxury Alcohol Rehab Near Me?

Alcohol addiction doesn’t choose who to affect based on their economic status in their class. People from all walks of life suffer from addiction, and though the perks that come from luxury rehab centers are worth noting, it is the main treatment that is critical. Luxury rehab centers and regular rehab facilities alike both offer medically supervised detox and guided therapy to give patients the best chance possible at kicking their habit for good. Locating a luxury alcohol rehab center near you is as simple as using our handy search tool. Simply enter your requirements such as budget, amenities, and location and we will generate a list of nearby treatment centers for you to consider.

How Do I Find Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me?