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Not everyone who has golf outings for their clients with an open bar will eventually require the services of a luxury drug and alcohol detox facility; however, there are those who will not attend social functions if they do not serve alcohol. They mistakenly think that they are standing up for freedom and that it is ridiculous that someone would even take away their choice to drink. How else are they supposed to get through the drudgery of spending time with people from work if they cannot ease the pressure with a few drinks. Alcohol helps everyone loosen up a little and helps them to open their wallets as well. It’s a win-win when it comes to involving alcohol at upscale work functions when they are attempting to impress customers. Some people think this way, but it is not the opinion of most individuals. There are immeasurable people who do not appreciate how their comrades will be intoxicated at the end of a golf outing, so they make excuses to leave before the end of the day.

When your drinking is starting to affect your relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and bosses, as well as your health, there is no need to feel hopeless. You do not have to wonder if you will have to go to rehab program with alcoholics who don’t have jobs when you realize that you can go to a luxury drug rehab or luxury alcohol rehab center that provides detox services before you start the hard work on mending your past faults in a rehab center.

What are the elements of detox?

Chronic substance abuse can lead to physical and mental addiction, which is knowing a substance is causing you harm, yet continuing to consume it anyway. Not only does detox rid the body of the abused substance, but it readjusts the chemical composition of the brain back to its pre-drug-induced state. One of the goals of detox is to rewire the brain so that you no longer crave the substance. This process can be fatal if not properly monitored since some withdrawals can cause heart attacks and seizures that lead to death. Specific medications were designed to ease the body’s reaction to the dependency, lessen the intensity of symptoms, and diminish cravings. Withdrawal can take anywhere from days to weeks and even months, depending on factor, such as:

Some people notice only mild and annoying symptoms, while others die during withdrawal. Using medications, like suboxone or methadone, to ease serious withdrawal symptoms can lessen the degree of suffering, which can include:

A variety of physical responses are unavoidable, but there are medications that can lessen them, such as anti-depressants and anti-nausea medications:

Can I detox at home?

Making oneself vulnerable enough to admit that there is even a problem is challenging, but entering a detox treatment center is a higher level of commitment. At-home detox kits do exist; however, detox can be fatal if something goes askew and no medical staff is available to intervene. While some individuals feel that they can handle their own detox process at home, there are reasons why it may not be the best plan of action, including:

What drugs are used in detox?

Some prescription medications have been designed or found to alleviate the lethality of withdrawal symptoms, as well as ease the discomfort. Some people who are misinformed may believe that they are switching one addiction for another; however, that could not be further from the truth when the medications are used properly. Some of the drugs used include:

What makes a drug and alcohol detox center luxury?

Detox is generally safest when done in the presence of medical professionals that are accessible and monitor the patient around the clock. Individuals tend to achieve more success if they are surrounded by amenities that interest them and take their mind off of the pain and discomfort of detox. When everything hurts as the drug leaves the system, a massage may help ease the pain. On the other hand, perhaps someone has tried in the past and doesn’t have bad withdrawal symptoms but needs monitored so they do not keep drinking. They may feel better with computer access so that they do not lose touch with work responsibilities. Luxury drug or alcohol detox facilities are similar to a stay at an upscale resort. Patients may also find that a private facility offers more discretion. They can provide conveniences that might include: 

Patients may pay a great deal more for a higher comfort level, but they also receive amenities to surround themselves with the atmosphere to which they have grown accustomed. These may include:

How do I choose a luxury drug and alcohol detox center?

Choosing the right program is crucial to success, since it will help someone remember that they can feel pleasure without the assistance of a chemical substance. There is a stigma attached to seeking help when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Of the approximately 20 million people who have a substance use disorder (SUD), only 1.5 million seek treatment. It is only partially due to the fear and shame. It also has to do with practical barriers — including denial, lack of trust in counselors, hopelessness, and not wanting to abandon personal responsibilities. The sooner someone goes, the sooner they will be able to get back to work and their family like before they started down the path of addiction. You are interviewing a facility as much as they are determining if they can help you, so questions to ask when choosing the right facility include:

A certain state of vulnerability appears when you finally admit that what your partner has been telling you is true … that you have tried repeatedly on your own and simply cannot stop drinking and snorting cocaine without professional help. Regardless of the treatment necessary, trusting a center with your innermost feelings and behaviors is difficult, but detox is only the step between admitting to the need for help and individual and group therapy to get to the heart of preventing relapses from occurring. Those who receive the most success from a luxury drug and alcohol detox facility will have passionately dedicated their efforts to working the program and finding the motivation to do so every second of every day. There is always hope in regaining control of your life with the help of a luxurious resort-like setting that offers the benefits of a medically monitored detox program.

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