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Abuse and eventual addiction to stimulants runs rampant among the youth of America, with only a small percentage seeking Adderall Addiction Treatment. Adderall is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in all ages with over 50 million prescriptions being written each year. It has also been proven to treat narcolepsy. When used appropriately, Adderall heightens alertness, improves concentration, helps control impulses, and increases someone’s ability to focus. On average, 2.6 million adults between the ages of 18 and 25 misuse prescription stimulants each year with a total of 5.6 million in total abusing them. Students work and go to school and take it to focus more when they have the time to study. Adderall is not a drug that is typically bought from a drug dealer. That is partly what makes it so dangerous. They typically are getting it from their friends and family members. It seems easily accessible and effective, making it harder for addicts to realize when they may need Adderall Addiction Treatment.

How addictive is Adderall when used recreationally?

When Adderall is used as it was intended, it can combat ADHD or help someone stay awake when they have a sleeping disorder; however, people who feel their schedule is overpacked may begin to misuse it. Adderall helps them concentrate on the task at hand and increases their energy levels, but it can also cause them to eat and sleep less than their body deems necessary. Individuals who do not have ADHD feel euphoric after the dopamine rush it causes. The vicious cycle begins when someone finds that they are exhausted the next day and take another Adderall to wake up and focus again. They may soon find that they constantly need it in their system to function normally. Some addicts view the weight loss as a positive side effect at first but may eventually find that they are underweight and malnourished. This, however, does not cause them to take notice of their addiction.

What are the signs of Adderall addiction? Why do I need Adderall addiction treatment?

Consistent use of stimulants can have a detrimental effect on health. People also build a tolerance, meaning they use an increasing amount to feel the same effects, causing even more damage. Addiction typically occurs when someone increases their dose to feel the same effects that they used to get with the same dose, which is building their tolerance level. Common signs that someone may need immediate treatment include:

If someone feels like they accomplished everything in their day and more the first time they take Adderall, they start to become emotionally dependent on it. They may think that they cannot pass that test or hold a job and go to school unless they use Adderall. They may also feel like they cannot be social or have fun without it. They begin to abuse and eventually become addicted to this stimulant.

What are the long-term health effects of using Adderall?

Someone may have found that they liked the sensation that Adderall gave them when they were trying to catch up with their busy schedule. They innocently take one the next week when they are trying to get all their projects done before the big meeting. This may slide into a habit of taking it on a regular basis, but how do they know if they really need help getting off of it? Overuse for any amount of time, but the longer the use, the more exaggerated these symptoms become:

In order to prevent even more damage, the user or a loved one must recognize the signs that signify they would benefit from Adderall addiction treatment. 

How do I choose an Adderall Addiction Treatment center?

People who hit rock bottom tend to agree that they may need to look into an Adderall addiction treatment program. Someone may try to stop using on their own at first but cannot stay away. This is partly because they feel like they need it to function, but mostly because it changes the chemistry of the brain to convince them that this is true. There are stages to recovery, all of which are essential to remaining sober. Removing the drug from the system is not enough. It is also teaching the addict how to recognize and handle triggers, as well as learn healthy ways to deal with stress instead of taking drugs. Successfully remaining sober depends on choosing the program that best matches the kind of person you are. Some of the questions to ask before committing to a program may include:

What treatments are used in Adderall Addiction Treatment?

Eliminating Adderall from the body is the first step to taking back the control that was lost with the drug addiction. When someone tries to stop using, they will immediately notice withdrawal symptoms, whose severity is dependent upon the frequency and duration of Adderall usage. The first three days of detox are the worst with symptoms that include excess sleeping, depression, mood swings, muscle aches, and an inability to focus. These symptoms can last up to a few months, which is why it is so important to seek professional assistance to prevent a relapse. The other part of preventing relapse is in the types of therapy to which a person responds. A combination of the following creates the best results:

Can I afford Adderall Addiction Treatment?

Finding a location at which you can receive the best Adderall Addiction treatment is essential to your sobriety. Wondering if you have enough money is stressful enough in routine parts of life, so figuring out how to pay for rehab can cause someone enough anxiety to want to ditch the whole plan. They need not feel this way with the options that are available to anyone who wants help.

Everyone deserves a second and third chance to live a happy and fulfilling life, and that is the goal of any Adderall Addiction program. Outpatient rehab costs about $5,000 for 90-days of treatment and $10,000 for a luxury program. Inpatient rehab does require additional food and housing so typically costs more at around $6,000 for a 30-day program. Prices are seen up to $20,000 for renowned programs with 60- and 90-day programs costing between $12,000 and $60,000. Prices of inpatient depend on the frequency and duration of the visits. Payment options can include: 

Over five million people in the United States show signs of Adderall addiction and may benefit from a professional treatment program. They need to know that there is always hope of living a fulfilled and happy life without the use of stimulants that trick them into thinking they need drugs to be able to get everything done on time. Moms who are trying to raise kids, work to pay the bills, and even go to school to better themselves may think that a stimulant is the answer. It might appeal to someone who is trying to lose weight, and the focus is just a bonus. Everyone’s story is different, but there is always hope when you want to regain control of your life by taking advantage of the services of an Adderall addiction treatment program.