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Developing an addiction is not something that people plan. Not everyone realizes that even the smallest of decisions have repercussions that will affect the rest of their life. Even the tiniest ones might cause someone to spiral out of control in no time, descending down a hole of addiction and requiring the service of a Codeine Addiction Treatment program. When you or a loved one has reached their version of rock bottom and has tried repeatedly to quit consuming codeine on their own, it is time to find a facility that will help you get your life back. It is never too late to reestablish the life in which you once felt such joy.

Why is codeine so threatening?

Codeine is part of the opioid class of drugs and was created to treat mild to severe pain. It is also an effective anti-tussive, or cough suppressant. It was a common ingredient in over-the-counter cough syrups until the 1990s, after which a prescription was required for anything containing codeine, since individuals were buying it to use in the making of meth. Teenagers have been known to add cough syrups with codeine to alcoholic drinks, creating a potentially lethal combination. The two drugs feed off of each other and result in an intoxication that can be fatal. This situation had become so prevalent that codeine-related deaths doubled in a nine-year span. Since then, pharmacies were not allowed to sell even low-dose cough syrups with codeine without a prescription.

Codeine is dangerous because it is so easy to overdose on. During sleep, breathing naturally slows. Opioids and alcohol are both depressants to the nervous system, so the combination can decelerate breathing to the point of oxygen deprivation. Individuals who mix codeine with alcohol are enhancing the effects of both chemical substances, making it difficult for even medical personnel to be able to reverse the overdose. Users of alcohol and opioids run an increased risk of addicted when compared to other substances, so the mixing of the two creates an intense dependence. Codeine causes short-term negative side effects, like loss of motor skills and liver damage, as well as long-term ones:

Codeine can not only ruin someone’s life in the form of them neglecting their familial and financial responsibilities, but it can also cause them physical damage, shortening their lifespan. 

What information helps me decide on the right Codeine Addiction Treatment?

Any good program will interview you as much as you are interviewing them to see if they are the right fit for you, so the following information will help you gather information:

What therapies are used in Codeine Addiction Treatment?

Different methods are used in every program because people all respond to the effects of drugs and therapies in various ways. Decades of experience has indicated that a combination of methodologies is the most effective at helping someone become sober and helping them to maintain it. Some therapies include:

How much does Codeine Addiction Treatment cost?

Programs have been established that range from government-subsidized to luxury treatment centers, so it depends on the wants and needs of the patient. Determining a precise price is challenging with each facility offering a wide selection of amenities and activities, but we can help with an average cost. This can help you clarify what kind of facility will suit your circumstances.

How will I pay for Codeine Addiction Treatment?

There is no need to let the cost of Codeine Addiction Treatment either cause you more anxiety or make you back out of a program completely. You want you to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life once again, and they are about making that happen. Health insurance typically offers a variety of coverage, but there are payment options when the need arises: 

How successful is Codeine Addiction Treatment?

While there is no standard across the nation concerning the criteria that a rehab facility must meet, there is an unwritten standard that can help determine the success of each program. A codeine addiction treatment center’s success rate is partially dependent upon who they accept into their program and how experienced their staff is at helping people recover. Their success rate is a significant question when initially deciding if you will attend that program.

Another factor when considering success is the medical credentials of the staff and how experienced they are at handling detox and rehab when it comes to a codeine addiction. The programs that offer a combination of a wide variety of therapies provide the best chances of a successful and sustained sobriety. Research is performed as interviews on post-recovery and mostly measure behaviors within the first year, since that is when the most drastic changes will occur. This means that choosing a program with therapies that appeal to you will help you succeed.

Can I stop using codeine on my own?

While there are stories out there about a friend’s brother’s cousin who went cold turkey and quit using on their own and stayed sober, this is not the norm … especially when it concerns opioids, such as codeine. A high percentage of people who try to quit without professional intervention relapse. This does not mean that they have failed. It just means that they require a different approach. They typically find that detox is too uncomfortable when they relapse. An outpatient detox center or inpatient program are both designed to ease the physical and psychological symptoms so that someone trying to recover has a higher likelihood of success. It is also safer due to the fact that withdrawal symptoms while coming off of opioids can be life threatening. 70% of overdoses on American streets are due to opioids, like codeine, so finding the right program is critical to overcome their addiction. What gives someone the ability to remain sober on their own? Interviews have shown the following reasons:

Codeine withdrawal can cause a lie-threatening situation, and Codeine Addiction Treatments are well-equipped at handling those side effects. People in recovery relapse because it is such an intense detox, but they find greater success when they rely on the compassionate and experienced staff who provides round the clock monitoring and care, as well as medication that will make the whole process a little more comfortable. Codeine Addiction Treatments exist only to be able to help you climb your way back to the top without the use of mind-altering substances. It is never too late and there is always hope for recovery.