Rehab Centers Monroe County, KY

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Monroe County, KY

Here is a list of drug and alcohol rehab centers in Monroe County, KY. Monroe County rehabs provide substance abuse treatment services to young and older adults, teens, men and women who have either a drug or alcohol addiction problem. Alcohol and drug rehabs in Monroe County may be free, low-cost or luxury.

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Lifeskills Inc Monroe County Service Center

Lifeskills Inc Monroe County Service Center is an alcohol & drug rehab center in Monroe County, KY that is situated at 42167 zip code.

Address: 800 North Main Street, Tompkinsville, KY 42167 in Monroe County

Services provided:

  • Hepatitis education, counseling and support, counseling for couples and substance use education
  • Treatment for substance use
  • Accepts cash or self-payment
  • Sliding fee scale
  • Treatment for internet use disorder
  • Personal physician/health care provider
  • Regular outpatient treatment and outpatient treatment

24/7 help with treatment

(888) 452-1294
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