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Methamphetamine is one of the most vicious drugs on the streets. Also known as ice, glass, and crystal meth, methamphetamine creates an instant addiction. Those who become addicted find it nearly impossible to stop consuming the drug without the help of a meth addiction treatment facility. Meth produces immediate results by forcing the brain to produce extra dopamine, which is the chemical that generates a sense of satisfaction in a job well done. One of the reasons that it is beneficial to have something fun to look forward to is because the reward system in our brains are activated, releasing dopamine, and making us feel happy and fulfilled. When meth is used, it causes considerably more dopamine to be released than is normal or healthy.

Meth addicts are either loners or only have friends involved with drugs because they have ruined any relationships they had with their family members or sober friends. Long-term use not only leads to social damage, but also financial ruin, possibly impaired motor and speaking skills, and even death. Meth addicts eventually focus on nothing but how and where they are going to get their next fix. The future of a meth addict may sound bleak, but there is always hope when they rely on the expertise of a meth addiction treatment program.

What is so addictive about meth?

Every substance that is abused alters how the brain releases its hormones that dictate how the body functions; however, the mechanisms of meth make it one of the most addictive drugs on the streets of America. People who want to try it just to experiment, since it is all over the media, find out quickly why this drug is one of the most sought-after highs. When meth is inhaled, it travels to the brain, rapidly taking effect and lasting from six to 12 hours. The biggest reason why people continue to use it is that it actually destroys the dopamine receptors, which causes the person to no longer have the ability to feel pleasure or anything positive from the brain’s reward system without the use of meth. 

The first time someone uses meth, they feel alert and happy, talking a great deal.  Routine activities are even more enjoyable as meth forces the release of up to 1,250 times the quantity of dopamine that is even produced during sexual intercourse. Each subsequent time it is consumed is not as good as the first time, causing a second part of addiction as they are perpetually “chasing the dragon” as they strive to replicate that first experience.

What happens in a meth addiction treatment program?

Addictions typically occur gradually as a person continues to use their drug of choice, but one of the dangers with meth is its potency. It is so powerful that addiction occurs after only the first few times of using it. Meth is one of the more difficult drugs from which to detox because people will not initially be able to enjoy events in their life or feel pleasure without it.

Despite what meth has done to the brain’s connections, it is not impossible to live a fulfilling life without relying on it. When an individual stops using meth, they go through intense physiological withdrawal symptoms, making it nearly impossible to continue without professional intervention. The majority of users have already acquired meth-induced psychosis. After detox, the body is free of the substance within two to three days of the last hit, but the symptoms can last for weeks or even months. The basic process of recovering from meth abuse and addiction involves several approaches that can help a person live a rewarding life without meth. The most effective programs employ a combination of the following stages:

Meth does not discriminate what socioeconomic class, ethnicity, gender, or education level that it chooses to ruin. Whether someone snorted meth because they were at a party and wanted to experiment or they knew that they simply wanted a weekend drug to help them escape the pressures of life for a little while, meth is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market. Someone who thought they were just going to use it once or twice and move on were sorely mistaken when they realized that they needed it all the time. It is highly addictive after only a few uses, making the user feel like they will never feel pleasure again without it. Meth even desensitizes and decreases the number of dopamine receptors, making their healing an even greater challenging; however, it can be done! There is always hope and always a way to restore your health and positive attitude. Meth addition treatment can help anyone who works the program to regain control of their life.

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