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Patients who are terminally ill or facing pain that accompanies a chronic condition are generally prescribed oxycodone for long-lasting pain relief; however, there is a fine line between use, abuse, and addiction that may lead to the need for Oxycodone Addiction Treatment. An individual is walking a dangerous path when they are trying to alleviate their pain with Oxycodone and realize that the consistent use of oxycodone can also relieve their anxiety. They gradually increase how much and how often they take while the oxy has now convinced them that they cannot live without it. As they lose control of their addiction and their relationships and finances suffer, they realize that professional treatment may be necessary to help them overcome their oxycodone addiction.

Why is Oxycodone so addictive?   

Oxycodone, or oxy, is an opioid that was created by the pharmaceutical companies to fulfill a need for long lasting pain relief. It was developed in 1995 and was meant to be administered less frequently than traditional pain pills. When taken according to doctor’s orders, it can last in the system for as long as 12 hours. The design of the drug offers the benefit of a controlled release to ease pain, causing an extended time period in which it could perform its intended job. Addicts manipulate oxy’s effects by chewing, crushing, or dissolving it in water. This causes it to be released all at once, causing an intense rush of dopamine. This is particularly dangerous for anyone experimenting and can easily lead to an overdose, which can result in brain damage or death. The risk of overdose increases when it is taken with other drugs as well, or polydrug abuse.

What are the signs that someone is addicted to Oxycodone?

Drugs affect everyone differently, whether they are using them to benefit their health or recreationally. There are, however, standard tell-tale signs of addiction. Oxycodone is one of the most dangerous opioids facing America as it battles an opioid crisis. What are the behaviors seen in someone abusing Oxy?

Not only do they act out of character, but there are physical signs that are common amongst addicts that include:

How is Oxycodone addiction best treated?

The complete cessation of using oxy is the goal, but relapses are to be expected. Learning how to handle them is key to getting back to being sober as soon as possible. Withdrawal from Oxycodone is so intense that it makes it one of the most challenging drugs to give up. Not only is detox harsh, but you are trying to rewire your brain to handle living without it. Certain medications can help an addict gain control of their desire to use.

Oxycodone addicts will have the best chance at long-term success if they choose a facility that offers treatments specifically aimed at Oxycodone and other opioid addictions. Overdosing on drugs is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and opioids are a high percentage of them. This means that attending the right oxycodone addiction treatment program is crucial to achieving and maintaining sobriety. It is important to find one that offers a combination of treatments and 24/7 support. Every program is organized in different ways, but the basics are similar. The trained staff will help answer questions and guide you on a customized path that best addresses their specific issues.

What kinds of medications are commonly used in Oxycodone Addiction Treatment?

When an addict is trying to live without oxy, the brain is gradually being retaught how to function without the constant influx of the chemical substance. It will cause the body to crave the drug, so easing the intensity of those cravings is helpful in remaining sober. Specific drugs were either designed to or discovered to help this process.  They include:

What can I expect in Oxycodone Addiction Treatment?

Researching a selection of Oxycodone Addiction Treatment programs helps pick the best one to complement your personality. The ones that are most effective will use a combination of the following practices:

Is using drugs for addiction trading Oxycodone for another one?

People who believe this are simply not fully informed on the process of rehab or how the specific drugs work in the body. People who use oxy and other opioids will experience powerful cravings and possibly life-threatening symptoms when they are in detox and throughout the recovery process. Relapse is a very real concern, and by easing withdrawal symptoms, the likelihood of a lasting recovery is much higher. Research has shown that only a few medications have been effective at treating oxycodone addiction by reducing the intensity of the cravings and the severity of withdrawal. They include buprenorphine, methadone, and naloxone. MAT (Medication-Assisted Therapy) actually has been proven to decrease:

How successful is Oxycodone Addiction Treatment?

60% of patients in a rehab facility were admitted despite not thinking their doubt that they needed to be. They could have been found having dangerous withdrawal symptoms, could have recently overdosed, or it was part of court sentence. In those who succeed in staying sober, the following facts are found to exist:

No certifications are necessary to open a drug addiction treatment center, so finding the right one will help create your success. The success rate is not only dependent upon entering the facility, it is also contingent upon the experience level of the staff. Asking what their success rate is before entering the program can be one of the guidelines to help determine if they are a good choice for you. They should be trained in dealing with the detox and rehab of your specific addiction.

How is an Oxycodone Addiction treatment success rate determined?

There is no specific way to gauge the success of treatment facilities, so figuring out the success of program is merely based on an unwritten standard. Oxycodone treatment programs base their success rates on factors that are difficult to accurately measure:

What information will help me pick an Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Center?

Not only success rates, but other factors help determine if it a program is suitable for you. Going through recovery from Oxycodone is not simply making it easier to remove the drug from the body. The point is not necessarily to deny someone access to their oxy source but is in fighting the constant urges and incorporating recovery into their life. It must match each person’s likes and dislikes, they must be able to afford it, and they must respond well in therapy. The following information can determine how closely matched you might be to the potential program.

You may have started taking oxycodone after a big surgery that involved a long and painful recovery before realizing that it helped calm you as well. You started to take more than the doctor recommended or looked to use it for relief long after your body actually needed it. You then needed more at a time because you had built a tolerance and felt uncomfortable when you did not have it. You then started to spend all your money on Oxycodone and lost your family. It generally takes months and years to form an addiction, so it will take time to recover from it. No one should ever lose hope when it comes to them having second chances. Everyone deserves a life that is happy, and an Oxycodone Addiction Treatment can help you get back to a fully functioning, happy life without a mind-altering substance.