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Substance abuse treatment is a combination of detox, therapies, and support for those who have substance use disorder (SUD) and need to find a way to live without the use of drugs or alcohol. There is a stigma that people face regarding attending rehab, and those who need the help sometimes deny their need because of how they will be judged. People who do not understand the problem do an injustice to those who could use the help. The negative effects of drug use on this country are staggering, from impacts on the criminal justice system to healthcare. Those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and want to help themselves can rely on the support and compassion they will find in a substance abuse treatment center.

What is substance use disorder (SUD)?

Not all people are susceptible to acquiring a SUD. It depends on their level of self-control, genetics, upbringing, environment, and so many other factors. Two groups exist:

  1. Substance use disorders – symptoms caused by the use of a substance that you continue to take despite the problems that it is causing.
  2. Substance induced disorders – problems that weren’t present before the use of drugs, such as substance-induced psychotic, bipolar, depressive, anxiety, OCD, sleep, neurocognitive, and sexual dysfunction disorders. 

How do I know if I need substance abuse treatment?

An estimated 21.5 million Americans over the age of 12 are believed to have had a substance abuse disorder in the past. Everyone has heard a story about a friend’s sibling or an acquaintance’s teenage child, and many times, it eventually hits close to home. So, what are the risk factors that can lead to someone abusing drugs?

Not all people who live with these behaviors are going to end up using drugs. Some teens or young adults are just going through a great deal with raging hormones and issues with friends and partners that they look like they would be using; however, they are simply dealing with the stress of being a teenager in this modern world. The signs that someone may need intervention for a substance abuse disorder (SUD) include:

Whether you are analyzing your own behavior or that of a loved one, if you recognize any of these signs, you should start to research and find the substance abuse treatment center that would give you the best chances of recovery.

What makes someone successful in substance abuse treatment?

Only 40% of the population in a substance abuse treatment facility admitted themselves of their own accord. The other 60% were urgent admissions because their life was in danger from an overdose or the start of withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, barbs, or benzos, which can result in life-threatening issues. Substance abuse treatment helps people go through detox by allowing the body to safely remove the substance to which it has become accustomed to functioning around. Three factors are found in those who find success:

What does a day in the life look like in a substance abuse treatment program?

Not every program looks the same, since they all offer different treatments, activities, and amenities. An effective and reputable one will employ the use of a combination of therapies in order to achieve the best outcome. There will be a combination of individual and group therapies in the following basic process.

What is a good plan for aftercare when completing substance abuse treatment?

Planning what support groups and therapy protocol will help someone after they successfully complete a treatment program will be done with the assistance of one of the counselors of a good program. The support system will be key to the success in staying sober. Relapse is a normal part of the recovery process; however, finding help when it happens is essential. When someone has surgery, they will need to take care of themselves physically and mentally in the aftermath so that they can properly recover. It is no different with addiction. Some possibilities of aftercare include:

Not only is there this basic help available, many places assist with the following resources as well:

Knowing which substance abuse program will offer you or your loved one the greatest chance of success is key to recovery. Anyone who has been addicted to a substance will need a great deal of support if they are expected to recover, just as if they were in the hospital for an illness and need care after they get out. Learning what you need and surrounding yourself with new and old friends and family who stand by your side will give you the best support. Learning what coping skills to put into place during any given situation is one thing but putting them to use is another. This will take some practice, so do not beat yourself up if you fall down a few times. Always get back up and try again. There is always hope when someone wants to reach for the life that they once had.

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